What makes fire glass looks so cool?

What makes fireglass look so cool? Is it the burner or the glass? Well, my answer to that question is – Both.

If you don’t have the proper burner your flame will not be dispersed properly to give it that cool floating look. For example, if you have a burner in a existing fire pit or fire place and it is a straight line of holes and is covered with lava rock or gas logs, you will find that the fire will come up through the glass in a line vs being dispersed throughout. Normally it is the gas logs or lava rock that disperses the flame. If the burner is designed for the glass it will have holes pointing in several directions or like the Oriflamme Firepit table, it will have a patent pending burner that allows the flame to come up in some sort of pattern. Check out the video here of the sun pattern. This unique fire pit burner does not include any rings or coils to possibly corrode. It is this special Oriflamme burner that allows the glass to look truly unique. The fireplace burners that I would recommend are the H fire place burners. This burner was designed specifically for hte fire glass and will allow the flame to disperse throughout the glass making it look like the fire is dancing throughout.

The color of Urban Fire Glass will also make the difference in the look of your fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit table. I would recommend placing a filler or flat color on the bottom of your unit and then topping with a reflective fire glass. The reflective means that it has a mirror on one side of the glass, which makes the fire look like it is dancing off the glass. It is fabulous!

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Thank you.