What Do Fire Tables Run On?

What fuel do fire tables use?

One common question that we often get when a customer first comes across a gas fire table or fire pit is, “what do fire tables run on?” It’s a great question to ask and there are a couple of different answers that we will break down the differences between.

The first, a perhaps most common, fire table fuel sources is propane. Also known as liquid propane (LP for short), propane is a refined fuel that is fairly common across most of North America. It’s popular as a fuel for gas grills, patio heaters and even pools in some areas. One advantage of having a propane fueled fire table is that it makes the fire table moveable around your deck or even to other locations. Some customers even enjoy taking their fire tables tailgating at a sporting event!

Natural Gas
The other very common fuel source for fire pit tables is natural gas. Natural gas is common in many areas of North America, and it’s becoming more popular for fixed-features like gas fire pits, pools, and outdoor kitchen ranges. It’s a great option for those who are certain of the spot they want their fire table and would rather hook it up to a fuel line to avoid refilling tanks.

With either option, fire tables are becoming very popular in backyards everywhere. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, look for a fire table that is easily convertible to both fuel sources. One great example is the Oriflamme Fire Table, which offers a natural gas converter for a minimal cost and it’s easy to set up. Make sure to weigh the costs of either refilling propane tanks or running the natural gas line to the fire table location too. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure that it will help create a great backyard atmosphere when paired with a fire table!

Which fuel source do you use? Do you use one exclusively or does it vary based on what it’s fueling? Let us know!