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Fire Glass for your fire pit or fireplace.

Who knew that the tempered glass many large companies once just threw away, could be recycled and used again for something beautiful? Made just for outdoor fire pits, Fire glass is a new product to many people. It is been around for a few years, but it is just now making its way into the headlines. www.Allbackyardfun.com gets a lot of calls where people don’t know what it is or how it works. Sometimes they ask if it is going to melt, if it is going to light up, or if the flame changes color. Urban fire glass comes in a variety of different colors. It does not melt, it does not light up, and it does not change the flame color. What it does do, is replace your typical gas logs or lava rock. It adds color and it emits more heat that wood, lava rock, or the fake logs.

Not only is this recycled product good for the environment, it is also stunning. When the gas seeps through the glass the fire starts to float over the glass. If you have reflective glass, the fire will reflect off the mirrors making it look like it is dancing. www.AllBackyardfun.com offers one of the largest online glass selections. You are sure to find a color to match your outdoor decorations or patio furniture.

Looking to save money when filling your fire place or fire pit with fireglass? We recommend visiting our Urban fireglass calculator – http://www.allbackyardfun.com/glass_calculator.php

This will allow you to determine how much Urban fire glass you will need for your fire pits or fireplace. We recommend putting 2 or 3 inches in for glass depth. You can save money by filling the rest with lava rock or sand. If you use lava rock, then I would suggest filling in with smaller pea gravel so that the fire glass doesn’t fall down between the lager lava rock.

Another way for you to save is to fill your first inch with a less expensive color like our clear. It is on sale right now for $2.99 vs normal retail of $4.25 per pound. Click here to view the clear urban fire glass –

Then top with your favorite color and light. You will surely impress all your neighbors.

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