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Ready For Spring

5 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring Outdoor Living

Alas! Springtime is finally here, and that means it’s time to get your backyard and patio ready for late night cocktail gatherings, soaking up the sun in your lounger, and BBQ’s with the family. Here’s how you can start to get ready to have some fun in the sun!

  1. Survey Any Damage That May Have Occurred During the Winter.
    Is there any molding on your deck? Cracks in the concrete? Does your deck need to be resealed? If so, now’s the time!
  2. Give Those Bushes a Haircut!
    Trim and cut any out of control garden bed. Trimming will help keep trees and shrubs nice and compact. If you want to add a tropical vibe this spring, add some bamboo to your backyard.
  3. Add An Outdoor Heating Source
    It still remains pretty chilly when the sun goes down, so in order to remain an all-year round outdoor entertainer provide heat for your guests such as an outdoor fire pit.
  4. Give the BBQ A Power Clean
    It’s about that time to throw some shrimp on the barby! Start the barbeque season off right, with a clean shiny grill.
  5. Plan For Your Outdoor Furniture Space
    It might be time to replace your outdoor furniture. Maybe yours is worn out or maybe you’re looking for a fresh look this spring. Either way, take a look at the dimensions and plan for your new patio set!

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The Wickers Voice Their Concerns

After Katie picked the burner and fire glass to go with her brand new Oriflamme Fire Table from All Backyard Fun, Thomas jumped on the phone to ask a few questions of All Backyard Fun Sales rep Sarah.

“Is this safe to put on a wood deck?” Absolutely Sarah remarked, it is designed just like a gas grill with all the heat going above the unit.

We are thinking about putting in a pergola, is it ok to put this table underneath a pergola? Sure is, you need about 60” of clearance from the table top to the surface of the material above, so about 5 feet high, you will be just fine with that new pergola.

That sounds great Thomas said, so we will be able to put this Oriflamme Fire Table on the new deck with the pergola, outstanding!

Thomas also had some very important questions about assembly of the table and how heavy it weighed. Sara explained to Thomas then there is no assembly required as all of the units are manufactured right her in the USA, with American workers! Thomas was thrilled to hear that, not many products are made in the USA anymore exclaimed Thomas.

What about the weight asked Thomas? Sarah told Thomas that the total weight was about 150lbs, and the heaviest piece being the granite, two people would need to move that into place.

Tune in next week to hear more about the Wickers’ All Backyard Fun adventure and their quest to have the perfect patio.


The Wicker’s Customize Their Fire Pit

February 25th, 2015

 “Keeping up with the Wickers”, an All Backyard Fun Adventure

Katie was thrilled that the Oriflamme Fire Table she chose was the most popular model that All Backyard Fun sells, the Tropical Elegance in the 42” Round. Sarah from All Backyard Fun explained to Katie the custom process of choosing her new fire table was not over, and she needed to choose her burner and fire glass for her table.

Sarah went through the list of burners available, which are the Sun, Flower, Martini Glass, Yin Yang, Star, Maple Leaf, and Fleur di Lis, and the most popular, the Elegance burner. Katie asked about the Elegance burner, “what sort of flame pattern is that”? asked Katie. Sarah told Katie that this was a pattern that would give you a rustic fire pattern look, flames all over the burner and in a random pattern.

Katie said she would go with that model. Although she loved the idea of having that Martini Glass at her next party on her new outdoor patio, she thought the practical choice would be the Elegance burner. After Katie decided on the Elegance burner, it was time to pick the fire glass colors. Sarah showed Katie 24 different colors to choose from, black gold, copper, red, and blue and so on. There were even fire glass with reflective and non-reflective features.

Katie was floored that she could match colors of her patio, house and more. She wanted to really make this table pop with the other colors she already had going on in these areas. Katie had her mind set on the Copper, Gold Reflective, Black Reflective, and little bit of Azuria Reflective, all of which would match the colors of her house and patio perfectly. Great choices exclaimed Sarah, they will really go well with the Tropical Elegance.

Tune in next week to hear more about the Wickers’ All Backyard Fun adventure and their quest to have the perfect patio.


The Wickers Buy a Fire Pit

February 4th , 2015

 “Keeping up with the Wickers”, an All Backyard Fun Adventure

Excitement filled the Wicker house on Saturday morning as Thomas and Katie told the kids what they were going to buy for the patio. Johnny, the four year old was thrilled and quickly asked if they can roast marshmallows on the fire pit. Katie explained to Johnny that it was called a fire table, an Oriflamme Fire Table, and I don’t know, but I think so.

Katie could hardly wait to call All Backyard Fun to inquire further about the Oriflamme Fire Table and talk to them before they made the purchase. With Thomas sitting by her side, she made the call to All Backyard Fun and it was answered with a friendly voice of Sara, “Good morning, thank you for calling All Backyard Fun, how can I help you?”

Katie was so excited she rattled off about three questions to Sara about the Oriflamme Fire Table, “What tables do you have in stock, what are the lead times, can I choose any table top I wish?” Sara calmly responded with a confident yes to all three questions and began working closely with Katie on identifying her exact needs.

Sara explained to Katie about the key features of the Oriflamme Fire Table, such as, the self-contained 20 lb. propane tank, the heat source being 65,000 BTU’s, that the burn times last between 10-16 hours, all of which Katie already knew. But there were some new features that Katie and Thomas had not heard before in which they were thrilled about. Sara explained that the Oriflamme Fire Table is portable, can be converted to natural gas, already assembled with no tools necessary for set-up, and even has a bottle opener!

Katie asked Sara from All Backyard Fun to hold for a minute as she had a chance to explain to Thomas some of the additional key features of the Oriflamme Fire Table.

Tune in next week to hear more about the Wickers’ All Backyard Fun adventure and their quest to have the perfect patio.

Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert is the Perfect Balance to Your Fire Pit and Burners

What would be a good way to balance your Fire Pit and Burners & Fire Rings in your backyard other than an Oriflamme Ice Bucket Inset. We all know a fire pit and burners & fire rings are sure ways to spice up the fun and warm up our hearts whether we having some relaxation time alone or hanging out with family and friends. But it is not always nice to just feel the heat and see fire around your backyard. At some point you need an optimal balance of hot and cold. The perfect way to do this is to get one of those Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert where you can store up your bottled water, soda drinks, wine, beers among many more.

Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert is an ideal item that you can carry around. As you cook your barbecue on your grill, you may want to sip on some beer or soda to keep you energized. As you sit on your lounge in your patio, chatting with your friends, you may want to grab some beer to pass up the time. As you sit by the fire pit and watch the flames flare, you may want to hold on to your ice cold refreshing drink to complete your satisfaction. There are many activities that you can do in your backyard where Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert is of good use. It is perfect for you alone and for a whole group of people.

With Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert, you will be confident that your drinks are going to be in good shape. After all, whether it is Summer or Winter time, we all crave for a nice cold drinking refreshment once in a while. But for the sake of Spring season that we are currently in right now, Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert is your perfect balance to your fire pit and burners that you would definitely use more often in the coming weeks.



Fire Pit Cover Screen Promotes Kid’s Safety

If you have kids at home, it is your utmost priority to promote their safety. But sometimes, this can be difficult to maintain  when you are out having fun in your backyard, cooking some barbeque with your friends or hosting a family gathering. You are not always there to keep eyes on them and in big social events, kids love to run around the house and play. One of the worst things that can happen to them is get in close contact or accidentally touch the fire pit in your backyard without your awareness.

Burning injury is serious, especially to kids. So, if you have fire pit in your backyard or around the house, it might be for your kid’s best interest to get a Fire Pit Cover Screen to protect burn incidents and safeguard your kids’ safety. Fire Pit Cover Screen will serve to enclose the fire in the pit and contain it as needed. With Fire Pit Cover Screen present, your kids will be prevented from directly touching or being in direct contact with the fire, reducing the likelihood for burn injuries. In the worst case scenario that your kids still accidentally come in close contact with the fire pit, the injuries will be at a much lesser degree with Fire Pit Cover Screen.

It is good to have fun, host some social gatherings and enjoy the beauty of your backyard. But when you are not careful enough, having fun comes with a cost. You can never be too sure and trusting when it comes to your kids’ welfare. At least with Fire Pit Cover Screen, you find a good preventive measure from unwanted incidents that affect your kids. You can have the fun that you deserve without constant worries if your kids will touch or play with the fire pit.





Revolutionize Your Fire Pit With Fireplace Burners

You can start revolutionizing your fire pit and prepare for your next upcoming big event or family gathering at home by adding fireplace burners. Fireplace burners will add a new design to your fire pit that will give your house guests  a different outlook at your home. These items can replace your old fashion way of strict use of firewood. As a matter of fact, you can use this as a great addition to whatever items you already have in your fire pit. In case that you own a fire glass, the addition of fireplace burners will add more attraction and elegance to it.

Fireplace burners are very easy to light up and you have the control on how much fire or flame you want given that a lot of times since they come with a gas supply. As much as they are to ignite, they are also easy to put off. So you do not have to worry about not being able to extinguish the fire promptly and completely. On environmental level, fireplace burners produce less carbon dioxide because it rather uses propane and ethanol. If you do not like the mess and soot that fire pits produce, fireplace burner is your best friend because it does not emit any of that, keeping your backyard or area clean and free from air pollutants. And since fireplace burners are clean, you have the luxury to place them outdoor and indoor.

In addition to revolutionizing your fire pit and home, as you can see, fireplace burners offer several advantages. You are looking at the practical and personal benefits that fireplace burners provide. If you keep in mind the gas logs, firewood, charcoal, light matches and the time and effort to clean the mess afterwards along with your family and friends’ amusement, you will be more inclined to pursue fireplace burners at All Backyard Fun.


Fireplace Burner Pan- SS-O-22

Breed Elegance and Amusement with Urban Fire Glass

If you want to kick your fire pit up a notch as part of improving your backyard, try out the Urban Fire Glass available at All Backyard Fun website. The fire glass items will be a sure way to draw attraction to your fire pit and ignite your family and friends’ interest on your backyard. It does not take much to be elegant. A lot of times it all depends on which items you seek and where you find those items. At All Backyard Fun, you have the privilege of going extravagant without spending too much for your home. And one of the best items where you can prove this idea is through fire glass items offered on their website.

Urban Fire Glass that is offered at All Backyard Fun serves to flame up your fire pit in a more elegant way. You can say goodbye to your woods and turn to fire glass to warm up yourself and your house guests while enjoying the elegance of fire glass. Especially during night, your family and friends will get to see how this wonderful item illuminates the fire in the pit as if there is some magical thing going on. Once you light up that fire glass, it is guaranteed that you will amaze and wow your family and friends and start up the night of fun.

So, if you are already mesmerized by the wonders and beauty of Urban Fire Glass, now is the best time to put some addition to your backyard. At All Backyard Fun, fire glass comes in different style, color and sizes that will further catch your interest.  You can choose any of the fire glass items available that you think will bring out the best in your fire pit and amaze your family and friends.


Fireplace Glass - Cobalt Reflective 1/2 Inch

Natural Gas Fire Pit Tables

Gas fire tables are already a massive improvement in convenience compared to their wood-burning fire pit relatives, but did you know that you can convert an Oriflamme Gas Fire Table to natural gas? Natural gas has gained popularity in recent years due to the convenience and growing-availability of it. Grills, pools, hot tubs, spas and fireplaces can all be heated with natural gas, and now so can your favorite fire table. With a simple conversion piece, the Oriflamme is one of the easiest conversions to natural gas on the market.

Want to see how easy  it really is? Watch this video to see!

We here at All Backyard Fun always recommend using a local gas professional to install and hook up your natural gas fire pit table. A professional will have the knowledge and expertise to help you hook up you fire table to natural gas.