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Colorado Garden and Home Show Kicks Off Busy Spring Season

The team at All Backyard Fun had a really fun time participating in last week’s annual Colorado Garden and Home Show organized by the Colorado Garden Foundation. More than 50,000 people attended the show and met with representatives from 650 companies, across 25 states and Canada making it the oldest, largest and most prestigious garden and home show in the Rocky Mountain region.

Proceeds from the event supports horticultural related activities throughout Colorado such as school landscape improvements and community gardens. They also award scholarships to Colorado college students pursuing studies in horticulture and landscape related majors. To date the foundation has awarded grants totalling over $7.2 million.


Entrance at annual Garden and Home Show. Photo Credit: Colorado Garden Foundation

All Backyard Fun loves that not only we have an opportunity to educate our greater community on the construction of outdoor furniture and how gas fire table works but also that we get to help such a great cause!

During the 9 day event the team at All Backyard Fun spoke to thousands of visitors about our unique collection of beautifully crafted Oriflamme gas fire pit tables. And we also introduced them to some of the most popular patio sets from this season’s Casual Market Chicago furniture industry trade show such as our SunVilla Laurel Deep Seating Collection.

With a ‘mini showroom’ incorporated to our trade show booth, visitors could come and hang out on one of our super comfy deep seating patio sets and see our Oriflamme gas fire tables in action. They could also touch and feel fabrics, frame and peruse a variety of swatch and urban fire glass colors.

Congratulations to all the great folks we met who left with a fun new patio setup like this sweet couple below – testing out their new Northcape Bainbridge 3 piece Sectional featured with the Oriflamme Blue Pearl Granite gas fire table. (Note: Image colors slightly vary because we are indoors).


Bainbridge 3 Piece L Shape Patio Set with Oriflamme Blue Pearl granite gas fire table

Below, the SunVilla Laurel Collection featured with the Grand Teton gas fire table. At 47″ round and coming in at just under $1,000 USD, this popular table is great for those looking for a rustic look on a big functional gas table with a price that won’t break the bank.


Sunvilla Laurel Collection Deep Seating Patio Set with Grand Teton 47″ Gas Fire Table

The Ratana Wellington crafted with an extruded aluminum frame and the most comfortable Sunbrella cushions ever is awesome for those looking for a patio set with a high back frame that offers great lumbar support.

The set below features Cast Ash cushions and the Tropical Elegance Octagon gas fire table by Oriflamme. The Wellington Swivel Rocker, end table and a bronze Georgia Lantern complete the set.


Wellington outdoor patio set by Ratana with Cast Ash Sunbrella cushions

Finally, our Malibu curved sectional set with canvas rust cushions is a fun way to kick off the spring patio season along with the newest addition to the Oriflamme fire table collection – the natura hammered copper fire table.

A fire wind guard to preserve the flame during windy days, a wedge table nestled between the 2 curve sectionals and small bronze Georgia Lantern completes the set.


Malibu curved sectional set with Oriflamme natura hammered copper table

See more fabulous outdoor patio sets on AllBackyardFun.com!


15 Reasons We Love the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table

As the country’s first and leading distributor for the Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables, the team at All Backyard Fun has gained extensive experience in product information, sales, technical support and installation since it’s introduction to the market more than a decade go.

The introduction of the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table was the first of its kind bringing outdoor elegance together with the concept of ‘designed fire’. The patent pending burner and vibrant colored fire glass added additional options to personalize the tables to the customer’s reason or season.

While many fire pit tables, none have been able to quite effectively compete with the ingenuity and beautiful design of the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table.



In addition to the reasons featured in the photo, here are 15 MORE reasons why we love Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables and hope you will love them too!

  1. It will warm you up! The Oriflamme fire pit table not only provides a beautifully designed piece of furniture, it actually produces warmth. Oriflamme is truly one of the ‘hottest’ tables on the market with a heat source of up to 75,000 BTU’s
  2. Coffee Table height. You can sit down comfortably and enjoy conversation with friends and it will work complimentary (design & functionality) to most outdoor patio sets. Coffee table height table is 21 3/4 inches.
  3.  Long burn time. The burn time lasts an average of 16-18 hours on high with two tanks (but can last up to 35 hours depending on outdoor conditions and flame height)
  4.  Adjustable flame change the height from low to high for warmth or ambiance
  5. Heat comes from the bottom – and why does this matter? Because if the heat comes from the bottom of the table and it rises – the warmth will be felt at the level in which you are seated. Other fire pit tables heat from the top meaning the fire warms ‘the sky’ and not you (unless you are standing and slightly tilting toward it).
  6. The tanks are neatly contained inside the table – The tanks are not external and therefore need to be hidden because they are unsightly. (see our video below that outlines how and where the tanks are stored)
  7. Easy to assemble (No tools are required) – You can have your fire pit set up and ready to go in minutes 
  8. Easy Off Switch – Designed with hidden switch (push and ignite the flame to light and simply turn off when you are done).
  9. Table components are interchangeable – If there are any problems you can fix that part without worrying about having to send your entire table in to be serviced.
  10.  Natural gas component kit available – This fire pit table uses 2 propane tanks but if you want to customize it and run natural gas to it that is an option as well
  11. Hoses are available for larger remote propane tanks
  12. MADE IN THE USA! Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables are proudly made in the midwest United States and each table is handcrafted and made to order.
  13. SUSTAINABLE With Proven Market! The Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables are here to stay. They have been on the market for more than a decade and are not a seasonal or limited production table. They have a classic timeless look and will hold up for years to come. You can find product reviews easily online and rest assured knowing that if any problems occur with the table you can call the manufacturer and obtain replacement parts with ease.
  14. Clean & Elegant Design – Many customers love the clean and elegant design. Whether you invest thousands of dollars on your outdoor living space or you want your patio to look like a million bucks, the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table has a very classy design. It is constructed of the highest quality and the powder coat has a 7 year warranty against rust so it is made to withstand the elements year round!
  15. Trusted by Major Brands – The Oriflamme Fire Pit Table has been sold worldwide. We have customers from Southern California to Sweden (yes, we ship worldwide)! And they have been used in commercial settings everywhere. From the Boulder (Colorado) Country Club to the Ritz Carlton and W Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, if it meets their high quality standards we certainly hope and expect it will meet yours!
Oriflamme Fire Tables at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ

Oriflamme Fire Tables at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ

How to install the propane tank into the Dual Tank Oriflamme Fire Table.

Shop All Backyard Fun to see a wide variety of the Oriflamme Fire Tables that fit your style and needs. In addition to choosing your material and color, our diverse collection of fire burners and fire glass will also allow you to give the fire pit table your personal look and feel.



See our full collection of Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables!

Breed Elegance and Amusement with Urban Fire Glass

If you want to kick your fire pit up a notch as part of improving your backyard, try out the Urban Fire Glass available at All Backyard Fun website. The fire glass items will be a sure way to draw attraction to your fire pit and ignite your family and friends’ interest on your backyard. It does not take much to be elegant. A lot of times it all depends on which items you seek and where you find those items. At All Backyard Fun, you have the privilege of going extravagant without spending too much for your home. And one of the best items where you can prove this idea is through fire glass items offered on their website.

Urban Fire Glass that is offered at All Backyard Fun serves to flame up your fire pit in a more elegant way. You can say goodbye to your woods and turn to fire glass to warm up yourself and your house guests while enjoying the elegance of fire glass. Especially during night, your family and friends will get to see how this wonderful item illuminates the fire in the pit as if there is some magical thing going on. Once you light up that fire glass, it is guaranteed that you will amaze and wow your family and friends and start up the night of fun.

So, if you are already mesmerized by the wonders and beauty of Urban Fire Glass, now is the best time to put some addition to your backyard. At All Backyard Fun, fire glass comes in different style, color and sizes that will further catch your interest.  You can choose any of the fire glass items available that you think will bring out the best in your fire pit and amaze your family and friends.


Fireplace Glass - Cobalt Reflective 1/2 Inch

Fire Glass for your fire pit or fireplace.

Who knew that the tempered glass many large companies once just threw away, could be recycled and used again for something beautiful? Made just for outdoor fire pits, Fire glass is a new product to many people. It is been around for a few years, but it is just now making its way into the headlines. www.Allbackyardfun.com gets a lot of calls where people don’t know what it is or how it works. Sometimes they ask if it is going to melt, if it is going to light up, or if the flame changes color. Urban fire glass comes in a variety of different colors. It does not melt, it does not light up, and it does not change the flame color. What it does do, is replace your typical gas logs or lava rock. It adds color and it emits more heat that wood, lava rock, or the fake logs.

Not only is this recycled product good for the environment, it is also stunning. When the gas seeps through the glass the fire starts to float over the glass. If you have reflective glass, the fire will reflect off the mirrors making it look like it is dancing. www.AllBackyardfun.com offers one of the largest online glass selections. You are sure to find a color to match your outdoor decorations or patio furniture.

Looking to save money when filling your fire place or fire pit with fireglass? We recommend visiting our Urban fireglass calculator – http://www.allbackyardfun.com/glass_calculator.php

This will allow you to determine how much Urban fire glass you will need for your fire pits or fireplace. We recommend putting 2 or 3 inches in for glass depth. You can save money by filling the rest with lava rock or sand. If you use lava rock, then I would suggest filling in with smaller pea gravel so that the fire glass doesn’t fall down between the lager lava rock.

Another way for you to save is to fill your first inch with a less expensive color like our clear. It is on sale right now for $2.99 vs normal retail of $4.25 per pound. Click here to view the clear urban fire glass –

Then top with your favorite color and light. You will surely impress all your neighbors.

Until Next Time,


What makes fire glass looks so cool?

What makes fireglass look so cool? Is it the burner or the glass? Well, my answer to that question is – Both.

If you don’t have the proper burner your flame will not be dispersed properly to give it that cool floating look. For example, if you have a burner in a existing fire pit or fire place and it is a straight line of holes and is covered with lava rock or gas logs, you will find that the fire will come up through the glass in a line vs being dispersed throughout. Normally it is the gas logs or lava rock that disperses the flame. If the burner is designed for the glass it will have holes pointing in several directions or like the Oriflamme Firepit table, it will have a patent pending burner that allows the flame to come up in some sort of pattern. Check out the video here of the sun pattern. This unique fire pit burner does not include any rings or coils to possibly corrode. It is this special Oriflamme burner that allows the glass to look truly unique. The fireplace burners that I would recommend are the H fire place burners. This burner was designed specifically for hte fire glass and will allow the flame to disperse throughout the glass making it look like the fire is dancing throughout.

The color of Urban Fire Glass will also make the difference in the look of your fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit table. I would recommend placing a filler or flat color on the bottom of your unit and then topping with a reflective fire glass. The reflective means that it has a mirror on one side of the glass, which makes the fire look like it is dancing off the glass. It is fabulous!

Again, feel free to contact www.Allbackyardfun.com for any questions or to place your order.

Thank you.


Fireglass Makes an Attractive Fireplace Accessory

A fireplace can be decorated effectively using fireglass, glass chips which come in an assortment of sizes and colors. In gas fireplaces, fake logs are sometimes used in order to create the appearance of a wood-burning fireplace, yet these are often ugly, whereas fireglass can be swopped around and changed so that you can always have a different color combination which matches the surrounds of your fireplace and creates a mesmerizing accent.

Fireglass is tempered for Resilience

If you purchase fireglass, you need not worry about it cracking in the heat of your natural gas fire. Fireglass is tempered for long term heat exposure, and colorful fireglass does not discolor if used properly. Fireglass which comes with a lifetime warranty will last well, and is inexpensive, thus you can afford to obtain glass in a variety of colors so that you can change colors and size whenever you want. Fireglass can also be used in fire pits on fire tables, for attractive designs.

Fireplace Glass

Fireplace Glass – An Original Gas Fireplace Idea

A gas fireplace can offer various advantages to wooden alternatives, including greater safety against fire breaking out. A gas fireplace can also be customized with various substitutions for real burning logs. Some people like fake logs which imitate the appearance of a real fire, yet there are other options available to the fireplace owner, such as fireplace glass. This is an affordable solution, and with glass available in many different colors it is easier to find fireplace glass which matches your firepit’s surrounds.

Fireplace Glass which Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Some gas fireplace logs discolor or deform over time, yet the best fireplace glass comes with a lifetime warranty which is indicative of the durability of this material. Glass for your hearth is available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors, so it is easy to mix and match for an effortless yet eye-catching look. You can purchase glass by the pound which is not scrap but of the highest quality online.