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Upgrade Your Family Picnic in Your Own Backyard

Table sets that you can add on your backyard make a great replacement for a picnic that you have been planning with your family for quite some time now. Family picnics at the park are definitely fun. Everybody has experienced this at some point in their life. But every family member’s schedule can get tricky and hectic at times. With factors like work, school and other social responsibilities, it can be quite difficult to schedule a family picnic event that everyone can agree on. In addition to hectic schedules, you also have to take into account the park where you plan to do your family picnic. Sometimes, parks can get too crowded or undesirable depending on weather conditions.

The best tentative solution to these concerns is to plan a family picnic instead in your home. This is very possible once you have a backyard fully equipped with fun, amazing furniture appropriate for a family picnic event. Try to grab some dining sets and tables from retail stores like AllBackyardFun that specializes in outdoor activities and recreational items. If you want to go simple, you can always lay down a rug or mat on your grass or patio and share some delicious sandwiches together, making it like a picnic just like in a park. But if you want to upgrade your family picnic to a higher quality, you can get your gorgeous and fancy dining set or table involved in your family event to make it seem like a fine dining picnic gathering. You can also cool your drinks with Oriflamme Ice Bucket Insert for great refreshments that will keep you in a great mood.

Planning and doing your family picnic at home alleviates you from dealing with conflicting family schedules. Since picnic will be done at home, any family members can just come in and leave at anytime they want without regard to public park’s closing hours. You can open the family picnic for ten hours or as long as you want to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Barbados Wicker Bar Set- 3 Piece- Spectrum Kiwi




Fire Pit Cover Screen Promotes Kid’s Safety

If you have kids at home, it is your utmost priority to promote their safety. But sometimes, this can be difficult to maintain  when you are out having fun in your backyard, cooking some barbeque with your friends or hosting a family gathering. You are not always there to keep eyes on them and in big social events, kids love to run around the house and play. One of the worst things that can happen to them is get in close contact or accidentally touch the fire pit in your backyard without your awareness.

Burning injury is serious, especially to kids. So, if you have fire pit in your backyard or around the house, it might be for your kid’s best interest to get a Fire Pit Cover Screen to protect burn incidents and safeguard your kids’ safety. Fire Pit Cover Screen will serve to enclose the fire in the pit and contain it as needed. With Fire Pit Cover Screen present, your kids will be prevented from directly touching or being in direct contact with the fire, reducing the likelihood for burn injuries. In the worst case scenario that your kids still accidentally come in close contact with the fire pit, the injuries will be at a much lesser degree with Fire Pit Cover Screen.

It is good to have fun, host some social gatherings and enjoy the beauty of your backyard. But when you are not careful enough, having fun comes with a cost. You can never be too sure and trusting when it comes to your kids’ welfare. At least with Fire Pit Cover Screen, you find a good preventive measure from unwanted incidents that affect your kids. You can have the fun that you deserve without constant worries if your kids will touch or play with the fire pit.





Bring the Fine Dining Experience to Your Home

Don’t you ever wish you can bring the fine dining you have always dreamed of to your own home? We all love some fine dining experience once in a while. But oftentimes, we tend to hold back on them or put them off for two reasons — they are expensive and we have no time to eat out. So, the best solution to this concern is to bring your fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home.

Fine dining experience is composed of delicious meal, wonderful server and beautiful ambiance of the place. These three components are very possible to achieve in your home. You just need some creative ideas and exquisite furniture, which you can get at AllBackyardFun, to make it happen.

Consider sophisticated outdoor dining sets as your main furniture to start up your fine dining set. Outdoor dining sets promote elegance and coziness that you find in many high class restaurants. When you buy this gorgeous furniture from AllBackyardFun, you are not only treating yourself to a one-time fine dining experience that you pay expensively. You can expect to enjoy outdoor dining sets for many years to come with your family and friends without paying for a lot of money that you would do when dining at a fancy restaurant.

Once you have settled with your dining set, next thing you have to do is pair it up with outdoor heaters that you often see on patio or outside areas of fancy restaurants. A combination of elegant dining set with heartwarming outdoor heater is just the perfect set up comparable to fancy dining.  Now, all you need is the delicious meal that you will take care of in the kitchen. You can say goodbye to expensive fancy dining and get pampered in your own home without hurting your wallet.



Stay Warm and Healthy With Fire Bowls

If you want to stay warm and stay healthy as you relax in your backyard, you would probably need one of those exotic Fire Bowls that you can enjoy in your backyard. Fire Bowls are available at AllBackyardFun. They are quite amazing because of their unique look . Overall, Fire Bowls work just like fire pits. They provide fire and warmth that you and you guests get to take advantage of and have fun with in your backyard.

But even though Fire Bowls have the same purpose as fire pits, they have outstanding qualities that fire pits do not generally have. Fire Bowls are quite fierce in the fire they put out. Compared to fire pits, their fires come in larger size giving more warmth, comfort and light. Even with great fire and heat intensity that fire bowls bring, you have the luxury to control this intensity. Fire Bowls have covers that make them shape like a dome or sphere. If you want more fire, light and warmth, you can open up the cover and fully expose the fire in all its glory. If you prefer to keep the intensity in moderation, you can keep the cover half open or at anyway you want it to match the comfort you desire.

Fire Bowls are great at keeping you warm and healthy as you dwell in a relaxation time in your backyard. If you are one of those people who easily catches a cold and gets sick from being outdoor, you need Fire Bowls’ warmth and comfort to protect you from getting sick.

Relaxation time is often associated with warm and comfortable feeling. And there is no other great resource to get these wonderful feelings other than with Fire Bowls. So, in case you are planning to relax outside of your home, right in your backyard, depend on Fire Bowls in providing you a great time.

Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Dome



Upgrade Your Backyard Into a Campsite

With a complete set of beautiful and elegant decorations you have in your backyard, you can already set up a nice camping spot in your comfortable home. There is no rule that you can only camp outside. This is not especially the case if your backyard is already fully prepared with things that you generally find in your camping trip.

First of all, what does it take to make your backyard a good setting for a campsite? To get a general idea on how to answer this question, visit AllBackyardFun and see for yourself the different kinds of amazing items you can use to upgrade your backyard. In this website, you will find some exotic fire pit tables, enticing fire pits, lovely urban fire glass, heartwarming burners and fire rings and exquisite patio furniture that you can all pick up to create a campsite environment and beautiful backyard for your home.

When you go on a camping trip, one of the first things you look for is the fire pit. Why go out there if you already have a finer and more elegant looking fire pit at home that you and your friends can enjoy. Fire pit, along with burners and fire rings, serve as your main resource for cooking your food that you intend to cook while on your camping trip. With fire pit and burners, you can have fun with roasting your hotdog on stick, marshmallows, ribs and other things that you would normally cook during camp out.

In addition to tents you can set up in your backyard, just like how you would set them up on a campsite, you can revel in the joy and comfort of your dining sets and sofas you have in your backyard. You pretty much get the whole enchilada that you expect to have on a camping trip, if not more.




Decorating Ideas for Your Backyard

If you want some new ideas for decorating your patio or backyard as a whole, check out AllBackyardFun to help you brainstorm for some great ideas. Now that Winter season has left us and Spring season has been pampering us so far with good warm weather, now is the best time to give some new additions to your patio and backyard, so you can use it more often.

There are many different ideas you can get from AllBackyardFun when it comes to decorating or adding some new things to your patio or backyard. You can start with small things like outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs, even though some of them come in small sizes, play an important role in adding beauty in your backyard. There are many outdoor rugs available at AllBackyardFun that come with great design and in unique styles that will catch your and your house guests’ attention. You can place these lovely items on your couch area in your patio or by the door that leads to the inside of your house.

Another great idea to consider for your backyard is the fire pit tables. Fire pit tables at AllBackyardFun are broken into several types.  You can get the Gas fire tables, Oriflamme fire tables or Wood Burning fire tables depending on your choice. Whatever type of fire pit table you get, your backyard is guaranteed to look good anyway.

And of course, your patio and backyard will not be complete if you never even thought of buying outside patio furniture like chairs, lounges or dining sets. These types of furniture are the epitome of what makes a great patio or backyard. So, these items are something you should highly consider when coming up with ideas on how to decorate your backyard. Just look at the beautiful and elegant patio furniture available at AllBackyardFun and see how it works with your patio or backyard.

Fire Bowls Will Warm Your Hearts

If you love the warmth that fire brings during an outdoor gathering but are tired of using the same fire pit, you can revolutionize your fire with the use of Fire Bowls. These items work just as great as the traditional and common fire pits that are often used on camping or outdoor gatherings. The only difference is that fire bowls exceed more elegance and sophistication on them.

Fire Bowls at All Backyard Fun come in different size, style, and design. One of the most popular ones is the Orion Fire Dome. This fire bowl has Orion design that stands at about thirty-one inches in height and twenty-six inches in width. With its reasonably large size and dome design, the Orion Fire Dome can surely attract people to it and keep a large number of people warm.

But if you are looking for something bigger that will exert bigger warming effect to your guests, you can always visit the Fire Pit Bowls that have a range between twenty one inches to thirty three inches in diameter, which will fire up a large flame for everyone to enjoy. If this is not enough to get your attention and warm feeling, I am not sure what else can.

Now, if you want to make your fire bowl more useful, you can always use it to grill some hotdog, barbecue or pork chop. With its large size, any food that needs to be grilled will definitely be grilled in a  medium rare, medium well or well done manner. In this scenario, you can expect a moment well spent in delicious food and warm, cozy gathering.  After a day or night of fun, your fire ball will surely make a lasting impression your family and friends, warming not just their skin but also their hearts.


Fire Bowl with Orion Fire Dome

Revolutionize Your Fire Pit With Fireplace Burners

You can start revolutionizing your fire pit and prepare for your next upcoming big event or family gathering at home by adding fireplace burners. Fireplace burners will add a new design to your fire pit that will give your house guests  a different outlook at your home. These items can replace your old fashion way of strict use of firewood. As a matter of fact, you can use this as a great addition to whatever items you already have in your fire pit. In case that you own a fire glass, the addition of fireplace burners will add more attraction and elegance to it.

Fireplace burners are very easy to light up and you have the control on how much fire or flame you want given that a lot of times since they come with a gas supply. As much as they are to ignite, they are also easy to put off. So you do not have to worry about not being able to extinguish the fire promptly and completely. On environmental level, fireplace burners produce less carbon dioxide because it rather uses propane and ethanol. If you do not like the mess and soot that fire pits produce, fireplace burner is your best friend because it does not emit any of that, keeping your backyard or area clean and free from air pollutants. And since fireplace burners are clean, you have the luxury to place them outdoor and indoor.

In addition to revolutionizing your fire pit and home, as you can see, fireplace burners offer several advantages. You are looking at the practical and personal benefits that fireplace burners provide. If you keep in mind the gas logs, firewood, charcoal, light matches and the time and effort to clean the mess afterwards along with your family and friends’ amusement, you will be more inclined to pursue fireplace burners at All Backyard Fun.


Fireplace Burner Pan- SS-O-22

Breed Elegance and Amusement with Urban Fire Glass

If you want to kick your fire pit up a notch as part of improving your backyard, try out the Urban Fire Glass available at All Backyard Fun website. The fire glass items will be a sure way to draw attraction to your fire pit and ignite your family and friends’ interest on your backyard. It does not take much to be elegant. A lot of times it all depends on which items you seek and where you find those items. At All Backyard Fun, you have the privilege of going extravagant without spending too much for your home. And one of the best items where you can prove this idea is through fire glass items offered on their website.

Urban Fire Glass that is offered at All Backyard Fun serves to flame up your fire pit in a more elegant way. You can say goodbye to your woods and turn to fire glass to warm up yourself and your house guests while enjoying the elegance of fire glass. Especially during night, your family and friends will get to see how this wonderful item illuminates the fire in the pit as if there is some magical thing going on. Once you light up that fire glass, it is guaranteed that you will amaze and wow your family and friends and start up the night of fun.

So, if you are already mesmerized by the wonders and beauty of Urban Fire Glass, now is the best time to put some addition to your backyard. At All Backyard Fun, fire glass comes in different style, color and sizes that will further catch your interest.  You can choose any of the fire glass items available that you think will bring out the best in your fire pit and amaze your family and friends.


Fireplace Glass - Cobalt Reflective 1/2 Inch