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4 New Products Added

4 New Products Added to All Backyard Fun’s Catalog

Options, options, and more options!

  1. Terrace Collection High Back 45° Wicker Sectional – For all of the long-legged humans out there, we’ve designed a brand new sectional that will provide full support for your neck and back! Our exclusive wicker sofa sectional features a high back for ultimate comfort. Also, we can’t help but mention the overstuffed Sunbrella fabric cushions that create a plush relaxing experience. Saving the best for last- have you seen the price on this set? Only $1849 (we’re so sad to see Black Friday come and go, we thought we’d hold on to our deals just a little bit longer).
  2. Uptown Collection Wicker Bistro Outdoor Swivel Chat Chairs – Some of us just don’t have the space for a large sectional sofa, and that’s okay! We’ve got you covered with our super-easy-assembly wicker swivel chat chairs. This comfy pair comes in two different fabric colors, ships UPS in 3-5 days, and is the perfect chair to enjoy a morning cup o’ Joe out on the porch.
  3. Terrace Collection High Back 90° L Wicker Sectional – This set is very similar to the Terrace 45° Wicker Sectional, but instead of a curved middle piece, this sectional will feature a 90° L middle piece. It sports the same comfort level, gorgeous design, and unbeatable price point. Did I mention these sectionals ship out in 4-7 business days?
  4. Pacific Rim Wicker Sofa Sectional 3 Piece Sectional – We now have our own line of rounded gray wicker sectionals! This curved sectional, like the rest will come with mildew and stain resistant Sunbrella cushions. It’s a beautiful design that will add a classy look to anyone’s patio or backyard.

Fun New Trends for your Backyard in 2014

This morning I woke up to the most beautiful sound that only comes at the very first days of spring. The birds were singing along to a truly beautiful, orange and violet, sunrise that started at 5:45 AM, yes the sun is finally back and joining the party.  Spring is almost here, and if you are anything like me, you are already playing in the garden, and anxiously awaiting the endless summer days spent in your backyard retreat. Here is a fun list of way to make your backyard more than a space for the family to play and relax. This spring and summer transform your yard into a magical retreat full of imagination, discovery, and memories that will last a life time.

1.    Catch a Fire

Fire is hot, obviously, but for real, fire is really hot right now! Everyone from Vanilla Ice to Grandma Helen is bringing fire elements to their outdoor space. Fire pits are increasingly popular each year.  Fire pits, tables, and torches are easy to install, add amazing ambience to your outdoor space and also will provide warmth, allowing you and your family to use you outdoor space well past the heat of summer and into the chilly evenings of fall

  • Fire Pits
Giallo Fiorito Granite Fire Table

Giallo Fiorito Granite Fire Table

How do I decide which fire pit is appropriate for me? Well, this will really depend on your time commitment to the fire pit. Building your own fire pit can be costly, time-consuming, and has huge room for error. Unless a professional is overseeing the entire process, it is easy to miss a step, causing a fire disaster, the opposite of ambience.  Another thing to consider is maintenance. Are you willing to clean soot, ash, and burnt particles after each use? If no, then you should consider a propane or natural gas fueled fire pit. Not only will these burn cleaner, they will not create smoke, or embers which are dangerous and can cause wildfires.

There is an easy solution to fire pit nightmares with the Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables. Everything is included with this simple, yet elegance fire table. The propane fueled fire table comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40” to 48”, and shapes, square, round, and octagon.  The table will come with a propane tank, fire glass, a unique double pan burner, and a base that keeps the table at 19” high – perfect coffee table height, or cocktail, which ever you prefer.

  • Tiki Torches

A classic go to for adding elements of fire to you backyard. From simple tiki torches you can find at any home improvement store, to the artistic steel sculptures from Desert Steel. These hand-crafted steel garden sculptures double as multi-torch tikis! Collect a variety of iconic desert plants from Birds of Paradise to a 6.5 foot Saguaro Cactus. Sure to be a conversation piece at your next garden party.

Desert Steel Birds of Paradise

Desert Steel Birds of Paradise

2.    Cool Down

We can’t all live within walking distance to a Rita’s Water Ice, yes my eastern sea-board friends, I am jealous of your amazing ability to play host to most of my favorite American chains, Wawa, Five Guys, and Ritas, I digress.  Add ice to you backyard! Haven’t you seen the cool new trend? Turn your table into an ice bucket to keep you beers or wine chilled throughout the heat of summer days. Several ways to do this, for the handy ones, you can build your own table with a depressed cutout in the middle for an ice area.

Own an Oriflamme Fire Table already? Then look into this one of a kind accessory made especially for Oriflamme tables, Ice Bucket insert is easy to order, and is always a quick ship items. As always, any order over $99 has free shipping.

3.    Relaxation Station

Dedicate a place in your yard where there are no phones, no interruptions, no stress, no loud noises, just a special place for you and your thoughts. Before selecting a piece of furniture, evaluate what kind of space you need and will utilize the most. Some questions to ponder: do you need a space for one to lounge or for many people to enjoy? Would you prefer to lounge or o be in an overstuff seat that will rock, swivel, and glide? Depending on your answers will you need to look into different pieces, from sectionals designed to fit around your fire pit, to overstuffed chairs that will give you hours of comfort to get lost in your favorite summer read. Really, the furniture possibilities are endless!

So, what should you be thinking about the most with your outdoor furniture? Fabric of course! The world of outdoor fabric is beautiful, luxurious, and technologically advanced. Yes, this isn’t your grandmother’s fabric anymore! When selecting furniture, make sure the fabric is Sunbrella fabric, a strain resistant, fade resistant, fast-drying fabric that should be the common place for all outdoor furniture.

Lane Venture offers the highest quality and the most stylish looks for your patio furniture.

Lane Venture offers the highest quality and the most stylish looks for your patio furniture.

For popular trends in fabric, it is always wise to look at causal furniture industry leader, Lane Venture. Top designers always look to the team of designers at Lane Venture for current trends in fabric styles for outdoor furniture. Counting on Lane Venture’s stylish and sophistication furniture is always a sure thing. So, what’s big for summer 2014? Spa colors! Bring home the tranquility of the spa with soft teal, lavender, and accents of beige. No other color combination will be as relaxing and tranquil as this classic spa color scheme.

Comfort, tranquility, relaxation, the recipe for a mind-easy summer.

4.    Life Sized Games

Spray paint a Twister game in your yard.

Spray paint a Twister game in your yard.



Don’t we all remember the classic scene of Tom Hanks in Big playing the life sized piano at FAO Schwarz? Still one of my favorites! Why not give your kids, and yourself, the pleasure of being a BIG as you can get in your own yard? Excited and wondering how? Simple, cheap, and so easy, the kids can even take this on as their own summer project!

Spray paint a twister board onto the lawn! No more slip on a twisted mat, not the whole family can easily play this game, add more rows of colored dots to allow for even bigger groups to play. Get the whole family involved this summer, and you will have the best reunion that everyone will remember forever!

Want to play a more tradition, mindful game? Make your own giant scrabble board for outside! Start with 1”x1” pavers, lay down a square of the tiles 16 x 16. Make up your own rules and placements for double word points and so on. By making your own scrabble board you can really personalize it to math your family’s personality. This is another fun project that can keep you and the kids busy during the first few days of summer break, and once completed you have hours of playtime ahead of you. Bonus: scrabble is a great way for kids for practice spelling and vocabulary skills all winter ling!

Make your own outdoor scrabble board for the whole family to enjoy. (Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal)

Make your own outdoor scrabble board for the whole family to enjoy. (Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal)

5.    It’s a Jungle out there!

Do you have a green thumb to be envied by all? Well, if so, you are a lucky soul! For the rest of the world, challenge yourself this summer! Y personal challenge? I am going to become a backyard farmer! I am planning to build my own raised veggie gardens, begin my plants from seeds, and then reap the benefits come harvest season.

Raised garden beds are an easy day project that requires little to no construction knowledge. Take it from me, I was able to easily pump out three of these 4’x8’ beds in a 12-hour period.  Use redwood or cedar because both are beautiful and rot-resistant. Also, you’ll need a table or power saw to cut the wood. An electric drill is helpful, but not required

Looking for more a splash of color and fresh fragrant flowers from May until early September? Wildflower seeds packs are fun, and easy for the whole family to get involved in gardening. When I was a child, my mother would always buy my sister and I our own pack of wildflower seed to plant to places of our choosing. A wonderful memory that I have long cherished, and it is guaranteed that your little ones will love this project too!

Giant Allium's make your yard turn into Dr. Seuss land!

Giant Allium’s make your yard turn into Dr. Seuss land!

The little guys too little to join the garden force? Try plating a few giant Allium flowers. These early summer bloomers grown to the height of 4 to 6 feet, creating an imaginative land for you toddlers to play in.


The above ideas are just the beginning. It’s your outdoor space, go out there and make it your dream place to spend lazy summer days. Creating a special place for all the family to enjoy will bring you closer together, build family bonds, and create memories of backyard parties that will last forever. Join the outdoor revolution today!



Style and Elegance for Small Spaces


Do you live in a small townhome or condo with limited outdoor space? Still want to glam up your outdoor space with the elegance of a fire table? Small places are now big problem with the 38” Round Savannah Stone Fire Table. This new table from Designing Fire is the perfect solution to a small space. Available in both the round style with a 38” Diameter and in a 35” Square, it is easy to transform your patio into a warm, enjoyable space to enjoy for years to come.  Visit All Backyard Fun for more inspiring ideas for your patio.


Memorial Day Weekend: The Real Beginning of Summer.

Memorial Day weekend: The real  beginning of summer.

The first official day of summer is the Summer Solstice (June 20th this year) according to scientists and calendars, but everyone else knows that summer begins Memorial Day weekend. Schools are getting out, it’s a long weekend and the weather is heating up. Parades, BBQ’s and parties all weekend long. Memorial Day weekend has come to symbolize that we are a summer-loving, fun time country. It’s a time to reflect on our freedoms given by troops, and to enjoy being with family and friends. One way I love to do this is by sitting around a fire pit in the backyard.

Backyards and summertime go together like warm days and ice cream, so to me having a backyard fire pit is like adding sprinkles on top to the summer days and nights. Summer can be the busiest time of the year, but also the most relaxing. The kids are out of school, vacations are underway and the days go by too fast. Relaxing in the backyard is a great way to slow the time down and enjoy it. We all have good memories of sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, telling ghost stories and camping in the backyard in a tent. So this Memorial Day, kick off summer right by roasting a hot dog on the wood burning fire pit, enjoying the parades, and preparing for many more days just like it. After all, Memorial Day is the Official Unofficial beginning of summer.



Where To Place a Fire Pit In High Traffic Areas and More

Using a fire element as an accent piece can be a difficult task if not thought of in advance. It is important when you are planning your space to be aware of the flow of traffic. Sometimes making your new fire pit table or fire pit the center of attention can break up the flow of traffic in way that isn’t necessarily ideal. If there are already elements in your yard, such as a pool, children’s playground equipment or other non moveable structures make sure to allow proper walking areas for guests and their children alike. For busy or over crowded areas, the placement of a fire element or feature such as a fire pit table should probably be best situated into a corner with low level seating or even set into the ground if possible. This will give the space a more intimate feel without having to build walls or structures around the area. It is also important to make sure that the structure around the fire pit table is 4 feet or higher to avoid a potentially dangerous situation for a young child. If there is a pool in the center of your yard, think of also incorporating the fire feature into a non-usable waterfall that flows into your pool. Keep your mind open to possibilities for building an outdoor space that involves several different features and you will have a result that is not only multifunctional but also dynamic in design.

Where to Purchase Fire Pit Tables, Outdoor Fire Features and More

There are many places where you can make the purchase of a fire pit table or other outdoor fire feature. If you are looking to make a purchase, it is always a good idea to price match stores and retailers and never be too shy to ask about price matching. Some stores may not be able to allow this feature, but don’t check those retailers off the list for good. Shipping costs and other fees may also be bargaining factors and could dramatically influence your decision to purchase with them.

First and foremost, before making any kind of purchase- planned or not- make sure that you know your product and have done plenty of research. Many people aren’t sure as to which style will suit their yards décor and soon find themselves buying most anything off the rack. Avoid this at all costs! Planning and mapping out your yard and making decisions on design, color scheme and more could help save you hundreds in the end. Research styles, designs and types of fire pits and fire pit tables before going ahead with a purchase will set you in the right direction. This is especially important when hiring a professional to install your new fire feature. If you aren’t prepared for the look and feel that you are wanting from your outdoor space, you may end up with a yard that is far from enjoyable and may reflect someone elses tastes or style.

In all, the purchase of even the most basic of fire pit table or fire pit can be from a variety of stores or online retailers, but make sure you read their return policies, pay attention to shipping and handling costs and compare quality of product. Just because it’s cheap in cost, doesn’t make it the best choice. You may pay later on for a purchase that wasn’t thought out and planned for in advance. Good, quality retailers stand behind their product and will provide adequate information about their inventory. Ask as many questions as you feel necessary to make the right purchase and always remember that your investment in your outdoor space is just as important as making a renovation in your home. You are, in reality, expanding your homes square footage by creating this outdoor area. Make the purchases count, go with a reputable, quality retailer, plan ahead without making impulse decisions and you will be sure to add immeasurable value to your homes overall appeal.

Backyard Fire Safety Tips

When you are using any type of BBQ, fire place, table or pit; it is very important that you practice fire safety. The worst thing that could happen is you have an uncontrolled fire and a terrible accident can happen. Teach your family members how to properly protect themselves and your home from a fire. Children and pets should never be around an open flame. If they are it is important to have constant supervision. Lock your pets inside. In case of an accident always call 911 immediately and have your fire extinguisher close by.

Backyard Protection:

Keep firewood and stack it 30 feet away from your home. If you have storage sheds this would be a great place to keep your firewood especially when it is not going to be used for a long time. Make sure you keep your rooftop clear of debris. This includes leaves, pine needles, and other random debris that can get on top of your roof. Also, removing any tree branches or large bushes that could hang above your chimney or vents, is important so they are not in the way of any flames/sparks.

  • Keep a fire extinguisher and/or your hose close.
  • Flammable liquids should be kept a fair distance away from the fire.
  • Do not use garbage or garden waste in your fire. It creates a black smoke in the air that is toxic.
  • Fires can spit and pop embers that can catch clothing, furniture and other debris on fire. Do not wear overly large clothing and move furniture a safe distance away.

Never leave your fire unattended. Keep all matches, lighters, and torches away from children. If a fire accident happens call 911 and proceed to use your fire extinguisher if it can be extinguished on your own. It is important to let a Fire Fighter check the fire before you think you are safe. Wood can be smoldering somewhere else or embers floating around to create another fire. Always call 911 when you have a fire emergency.

Design A Table With Our Unique Sculpted Flame Choices

If you have not already checked out our custom fire table viewer, we invite you to explore this awesome feature on our website right now! We are one of the only online fire table retailers that offers our customers customization options.

When you check out our customization tool, you will get to see all of the cool sculpted flame patterns and table top selections that we offer. You will also get to select your table shape and base color. On top of this, the customization feature allows you to select a mixture of fire glass colors. Then, you get to see a “mock up” digital version of what your fire table will look like–and you can always go back and edit your options!

All Backyard Fun has a number of beautiful granite and stone table top finishes for you to choose from. Our table top selections range in color from light to dark so you can find a finish that will fit in perfectly with your other patio decor.

Along with this, you will find that we have a number of unique and gorgeous sculpted flame patterns. For example, our Yin Yang and Martini glass sculpted tables are two very popular choices. Within the customization viewer you can also watch a video of some of our burner patterns, so you can see our fire tables in action before making a selection.

Now go and design a fire table as unique as you! Also, check out our video gallery. There you will find a great instructional video on how to setup our fire tables and much more. And, of course, feel free to check out our stellar selection of fire pits and other accessories.

As always, thank you for visiting our website! We take great pride in providing the best propane fire pits, fire tables, backyard furniture, and other patio accessories on the market.

Outdoor Gas Firepit

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Outdoor Fire Tables

Are you looking for a dynamic range of outdoor fire tables?
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Can you afford a dynamic range of outdoor fire tables?
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Where can you view a dynamic range of outdoor fire tables?
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