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Design A Table With Our Unique Sculpted Flame Choices

If you have not already checked out our custom fire table viewer, we invite you to explore this awesome feature on our website right now! We are one of the only online fire table retailers that offers our customers customization options.

When you check out our customization tool, you will get to see all of the cool sculpted flame patterns and table top selections that we offer. You will also get to select your table shape and base color. On top of this, the customization feature allows you to select a mixture of fire glass colors. Then, you get to see a “mock up” digital version of what your fire table will look like–and you can always go back and edit your options!

All Backyard Fun has a number of beautiful granite and stone table top finishes for you to choose from. Our table top selections range in color from light to dark so you can find a finish that will fit in perfectly with your other patio decor.

Along with this, you will find that we have a number of unique and gorgeous sculpted flame patterns. For example, our Yin Yang and Martini glass sculpted tables are two very popular choices. Within the customization viewer you can also watch a video of some of our burner patterns, so you can see our fire tables in action before making a selection.

Now go and design a fire table as unique as you! Also, check out our video gallery. There you will find a great instructional video on how to setup our fire tables and much more. And, of course, feel free to check out our stellar selection of fire pits and other accessories.

As always, thank you for visiting our website! We take great pride in providing the best propane fire pits, fire tables, backyard furniture, and other patio accessories on the market.

Fire Pits & Tables Are “Better Looking” Than Other Patio Heaters

There are a number of reasons why fire pits and fire tables have become incredibly popular. One of the biggest reasons is that they offer much more versatility in the looks department than other patio heaters.

Fire Patterns

You have probably seen fire tables with interesting flame patterns at your favorite outdoor bars and upscale restaurants. Today, homeowners can have fire tables with unique flame patterns right in their own backyards. All Backyard Fun offers many wonderful choices. Let your personality shine with your flame pattern choice. For instance, do your friends always love your cocktails? Then our martini glass fire table may be just right for you!

These sculpted fire pieces are total eye catchers and we have several gorgeous flame pattern designs for you to choose from. Plus, you can further customize our fire tables by choosing from a number of beautiful stone and granite table tops. Your fire table will truly reflect your personality and it will add a bold, instantly alluring focal point to your patio area.

Color Diversity

Using fire glass is another great way to add a custom look to fire tables or propane fire pits. You can choose among your favorite colors to add that final personal touch. The glass comes in many shapes and colors, and can last a lifetime if treated properly.

Of course, when it comes to looks, fire glass offers so much more diversity than plain old fire logs. Plus, it has an interesting, modern look that you just can’t get with other patio heaters. Along with this, the inherent luster and reflectiveness of glass is heightened when it is engulfed in flames.

So, if you are in the market for a great backyard patio heater, look no further. See why so many homeowners have chosen outdoor fire pits and fire tables over other options.

3 Accessories To Accompany Fire Pits

Your furniture choices can really affect the overall feel of your patio or backyard space. When you choose the right decor you can create a space that feels incredibly warm and inviting. Fire pits are just one accessory that can quickly transform a cold, uninviting backyard into a truly welcoming area.


So what else can transform the feel of your backyard? Well, to start, you could just stand around an outdoor fire pit but having seating for you and your guests is so much more comfortable. You can choose from all types of seating, including lounge chairs to benches.

Lounge chairs just scream comfort and benches are great for cozying up with your sweetheart at the end of the day–many benches also include built in storage under the seat. You can incorporate either of these pieces with your other outdoor decor. Just add a few beautiful cushions and you and your guests can enjoy the warmth of an outdoor fire in comfort.

Ice Buckets

Outdoor fire pits often become the center focal point of backyard entertainment areas. If you love to entertain outdoors then having drinks right on hand is a great perk. Ice buckets are great accessories to have in this case. Today, many ice buckets actually come in cool styles that add an element of design to backyard spaces (just check out our awesome ice bucket insert options!). Plus, they will keep your drinks refreshing cool.

Fire Glass

Another must have accessory that adds to the allure of fire pits is fire glass. This accessory is actually a great replacement for traditional fire wood and artificial logs. It is an Eco-friendly choice that provides a great alternative to messy fire logs. It comes in a wide range of gorgeous colors which you can mix and match. For example, you can combine orange and red glass to emulate the color of glowing coals, or you can use blue and green glass to create a fascinating modern look. You can check out the fire glass section of our website to see just how many colors are available.

Fire Glass for your fire pit or fireplace.

Who knew that the tempered glass many large companies once just threw away, could be recycled and used again for something beautiful? Made just for outdoor fire pits, Fire glass is a new product to many people. It is been around for a few years, but it is just now making its way into the headlines. gets a lot of calls where people don’t know what it is or how it works. Sometimes they ask if it is going to melt, if it is going to light up, or if the flame changes color. Urban fire glass comes in a variety of different colors. It does not melt, it does not light up, and it does not change the flame color. What it does do, is replace your typical gas logs or lava rock. It adds color and it emits more heat that wood, lava rock, or the fake logs.

Not only is this recycled product good for the environment, it is also stunning. When the gas seeps through the glass the fire starts to float over the glass. If you have reflective glass, the fire will reflect off the mirrors making it look like it is dancing. offers one of the largest online glass selections. You are sure to find a color to match your outdoor decorations or patio furniture.

Looking to save money when filling your fire place or fire pit with fireglass? We recommend visiting our Urban fireglass calculator –

This will allow you to determine how much Urban fire glass you will need for your fire pits or fireplace. We recommend putting 2 or 3 inches in for glass depth. You can save money by filling the rest with lava rock or sand. If you use lava rock, then I would suggest filling in with smaller pea gravel so that the fire glass doesn’t fall down between the lager lava rock.

Another way for you to save is to fill your first inch with a less expensive color like our clear. It is on sale right now for $2.99 vs normal retail of $4.25 per pound. Click here to view the clear urban fire glass –

Then top with your favorite color and light. You will surely impress all your neighbors.

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What makes fire glass looks so cool?

What makes fireglass look so cool? Is it the burner or the glass? Well, my answer to that question is – Both.

If you don’t have the proper burner your flame will not be dispersed properly to give it that cool floating look. For example, if you have a burner in a existing fire pit or fire place and it is a straight line of holes and is covered with lava rock or gas logs, you will find that the fire will come up through the glass in a line vs being dispersed throughout. Normally it is the gas logs or lava rock that disperses the flame. If the burner is designed for the glass it will have holes pointing in several directions or like the Oriflamme Firepit table, it will have a patent pending burner that allows the flame to come up in some sort of pattern. Check out the video here of the sun pattern. This unique fire pit burner does not include any rings or coils to possibly corrode. It is this special Oriflamme burner that allows the glass to look truly unique. The fireplace burners that I would recommend are the H fire place burners. This burner was designed specifically for hte fire glass and will allow the flame to disperse throughout the glass making it look like the fire is dancing throughout.

The color of Urban Fire Glass will also make the difference in the look of your fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor fire pit table. I would recommend placing a filler or flat color on the bottom of your unit and then topping with a reflective fire glass. The reflective means that it has a mirror on one side of the glass, which makes the fire look like it is dancing off the glass. It is fabulous!

Again, feel free to contact for any questions or to place your order.

Thank you.

Can I put fire glass in my fire pit or fire pit table?

Hello everyone. I have been thinking about writing for a while. The only issue is trying to figure out the important topics that you would be interested in. After traveling across the country and completing 5 weeks of home and garden shows, I realize I get a lot of questions that I could probably talk about here on the blog.

The first question that I would like to discuss is, “Can I use the Urban Fire Glass in my fire pit or fire table?”

It is really important that everyone understands the difference between the fire pit tables that are designed for the fire glass vs. the gas logs, wood, or lava rock. Some fire tables for example, the Oriflamme Fire pit table, are specifically designed for the fire glass. It uses either propane or natural gas. If your table is hooked up to natural gas then you should be good to go. Natural gas is clean burning therefore it should not create soot and will allow you glass to stay clean. Propane on the other hand is another story. Normally, if your fire table or fire pit or fire table uses propane and is not specifically designed for the fireglass, I suggest that you stay away from using it. The main reason being that it will turn black from the soot. Propane is not clean burning like natural gas is therefore you will always have some kind of soot, UNLESS the system actually cleans the propane prior to it hitting the glass by mixing in air. This is what the Oriflamme Fire table does to prevent the fire glass from turning completely black. What is the point if it starts looking dirty? It is certainly not pretty to look at. Another point to take note of is that is also the burner design that makes the fire glass look cool. I will write about that on my next blog so stay tuned.

Anyhow, be sure to do your research and ask if the fire table was designed for the fire glass before buying a outdoor fire pit table. Please note there are some companies excited to sell you the glass regardless of what it looks like. is not one of these companies. We strive to provide you with a product you can show off to all your family and friends. That’s it for now. Be sure to call us if you have any questions 1-800-451-2550. Thank you.


Fireglass Makes an Attractive Fireplace Accessory

A fireplace can be decorated effectively using fireglass, glass chips which come in an assortment of sizes and colors. In gas fireplaces, fake logs are sometimes used in order to create the appearance of a wood-burning fireplace, yet these are often ugly, whereas fireglass can be swopped around and changed so that you can always have a different color combination which matches the surrounds of your fireplace and creates a mesmerizing accent.

Fireglass is tempered for Resilience

If you purchase fireglass, you need not worry about it cracking in the heat of your natural gas fire. Fireglass is tempered for long term heat exposure, and colorful fireglass does not discolor if used properly. Fireglass which comes with a lifetime warranty will last well, and is inexpensive, thus you can afford to obtain glass in a variety of colors so that you can change colors and size whenever you want. Fireglass can also be used in fire pits on fire tables, for attractive designs.

Fireplace Glass Burner

A Fireplace Glass Burner is Attractive

Traditional fireplaces have considerable aesthetic appeal, but the modern fireplace buyer is faced with numerous alternatives to choose between in addition to timeless solutions. Items such as gas fire tables which do not burn logs are available with urban fire glass as an alternative, and a fire table can be purchased which has a central pit which contains a fireplace glass burner. These heating devices can be purchased with different center designs, which cause the fire to burn in the chosen design.

You can Change the Glass in a Fireplace Glass Burner

One of the attractive things about urban fire glass and its use in fireplace glass burner devices is that it can easily be interchanged and replaced. Although urban fire glass has a lifetime warranty, it is still satisfying to be able to change the color of your heating solution’s fire glass as you fancy. Fire glass can be purchased in a large array of colors, creating endless combination possibilities.

Fireplace Glass

Fireplace Glass – An Original Gas Fireplace Idea

A gas fireplace can offer various advantages to wooden alternatives, including greater safety against fire breaking out. A gas fireplace can also be customized with various substitutions for real burning logs. Some people like fake logs which imitate the appearance of a real fire, yet there are other options available to the fireplace owner, such as fireplace glass. This is an affordable solution, and with glass available in many different colors it is easier to find fireplace glass which matches your firepit’s surrounds.

Fireplace Glass which Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Some gas fireplace logs discolor or deform over time, yet the best fireplace glass comes with a lifetime warranty which is indicative of the durability of this material. Glass for your hearth is available in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors, so it is easy to mix and match for an effortless yet eye-catching look. You can purchase glass by the pound which is not scrap but of the highest quality online.

Gas Fireplace Glass

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