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Flower Power with this special designed flower burner for your Oriflamme Fire Table.

Tips for Buying an Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Founded more than a decade ago, All Backyard Fun was one of the first online casual furniture stores selling fire pit tables, drop in burners and fire glass long before they became a household name.

Today, with many options to buy an elegant fire table or build your own fire pit, the shopping experience can be overwhelming at times. And many of the customers we work with may not consider what they will like or don’t like until after they received the product.

Our mission is to help you decide on a fire table that you and your family will love for years to come. Here’s a few tips we suggest when considering your first (or next) fire pit:


  1. BTU Output: The British Thermal Unit or BTU is what measures how much heat your fuel source can put out. Some of our fire tables put out up to 90,000 BTU’s whereas our Crossfire brass burners can put out in excess of 450,000 BTU’s. YoungLife_Golf_gave_away_a_gas_fire_table
  2.  Fuel Source: Wood, Propane or Natural Gas? All of the fire tables we offer have the capacity to work with standard 20# propane gas tanks or you can run your own natural gas line.  For those considering a wood burning fire pit, it’s important to know that wood produces embers and in many cities where they have hazards and danger of wildfires, these type of open flame options are not permitted because you cannot control the flame size like you can with your fire table. Also, wood burning pits produce soot and the smell gets into your clothing and the smoke is not good for children or people with upper respiratory infections.NaturalHammeredCopperFireTable
  3.  Building Material: If you are building your own fire pit stone and brick are the most common finishing material. However, it is important to note what is in your surrounding – materials and colors. Stone and brick are low maintenance and made to be outdoors. For pre-made fire tables, we offer other options such as granite fire tables, hammered copper and cast aluminum depending on what type of look you are seeking.gasfiretablesvanahstone-copy
  4. Fire Media: The “fire media” is the term given to the special material such as lava rock, eco glass beads, tumbled fire glass or faux wood burning logs that you use to fill the burner of your fire table. The fire media helps to further define the look you are going for such as rustic or contemporary.Oriflamme Blue Pearl Fire Table
  5. Height: The height of your table largely depends on application. Standard coffee table height is about 21 ¾” which makes it conducive to having friendly conversation while seating and eating. This is also an ideal height if you just want to sit around your pit in some low seating chairs such as the classic Adirondacks.  You can choose or build a higher pit but take into consideration your fuel source type; ease of maintenance; if it is suitable for conversation to others standing on the other side of the fire pit; and if the heat output will be sufficient.OriflammeTablewithMarshmallows6. Location: Where will you put your fire pit? Depending on your fuel source, it may be a permanent fixture. All of our tables we offer at All Backyard Fun have the capacity to use propane and be converted to natural gas later. This is an important consideration if you are still in the process of redesigning your outdoor living space. However, not all fire tables in the market offer this capacity.Terrace Curved Sectional

All Backyard Fun at Denver Home Show

Looking for design inspiration? Or a way to give a new look to an old space? Or maybe you want to check out the latest outdoor furniture trends and colors for this season.  Then look no further – the Denver Home Show kicks off today at the NATIONAL WESTERN COMPLEX. More than the 30,000 people are expected to attend the show which runs March 17-19th.

This year’s the show will feature:

  • Fresh Ideas Design Stage which features Celebrity Designers, Speakers and Bloggers sharing their favorite design and home improvement tips
  • Tiny Home Village where you can meet the Diedricksen Borthers of HGTV’s Tiny Home Builders along with more than a half dozen builders for all your tiny home needs from backyard offices to vacation homes.
  • Feature Gardens showcasing over 4,000 sq. ft. of horticultural design including hardscaping, water features, the latest trends and products in landscape design, and more!
  • Sogetu Japanese Flower Arranging –  Learn how to create your own simple, sculptural floral masterpiece from Sogetsu, one of the largest schools of ikebana.
  • Ask a Designer – Bring your swatches, blueprints , interior design questions, swatches, and QUESTIONS to the Denver Home Show, where you can Ask A Designer in a complimentary 10 minute consulting session!
  • And much, much more!

Also, come meet Celebrity Renovation Host –

Matt Blashaw of HGTV’s Yard Crashers and Vacation House for Free


MattBlashawHouseMatt Blashaw helps couples realize their dream to own a vacation home – mortgage free! He helps them shop for and renovate a home in needs of work in their dream location so they can earn top dollar as a vacation rental.

This allows the couple to rent out the renovated home for the maximum income for part of the year and the rest of the year they live their Vacation House for Free!

Matt will be appearing on the Fresh Ideas Design Stage:

Friday, March 17th at 4:00 pm

Saturday, March 18th at 3:00 pm & 5:00 pm

Sunday, March 19th at 2:00 pm

In the Denver/Boulder Metro Area?

Stop by the show and visit All Backyard Fun at Booth #1132!

We’ll be offering some awesome direct from factory pricing on modular outdoor patio furniture and a full collection of gas fire tables.

Hope you will join us!


Why We Love Black Friday

Why We Love Black Friday

At All Backyard Fun we are counting down to outdoor patio furniture specials from all our favorite collections including Northcape International, Polywood, Oriflamme and Desert Steel outdoor accessories among others!

Dating back to the early 1930’s, Black Friday was the name given to the first major shopping day for Christmas (which falls the Friday after Thanksgiving). This is the shopping day of the year where most businesses earn their first positive revenues or go from the red to the ‘black’ in their accounting.

Thus it is a popular ritual now where retail stores and online e-tailers are known to offer their most aggressive discounts and sales of the year. ‘Tis the season of buy one get one’s, half off’s, free give-aways, and doorbuster deals.


The savviest shoppers have been researching and planning what they’re going to buy and who they’re going to buy it from. It’s no secret e-commerce has driven retailers to compete with one another to offer consumers ridiculously great sales during the holidays.

Nowadays, .com retailers fight to get their sale out first. For example, Black Friday no longer starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving, instead it starts the Friday before Thanksgiving. So, if you’re an online retailer you better have your sales ready to go, or you’ll be scratching your head when you don’t meet your holiday sales goals.


We love Black Friday because offering aggressive deals also helps to minimize our store inventory. This in turn helps us lower our overhead and the inventory we will have to do at the end of the year! So for specialty furniture stores like All Backyard Fun this time of season is our ‘slow season’ and the sales offers allows our customers to pick up some of their favorite patio sets and outdoor furniture pits at a great deal. And we are able to make space for everything that will be offered for the spring of the next buying season.

For obvious reasons, sales have slowed compared to in-season sales. Depending on location, most people in the country aren’t buying or even thinking about outdoor furniture during the winter.

Regardless of the time of year, All Backyard Fun is a  small family owned business and always working to offer the best products at the best prices that we believe your whole family will enjoy. That’s why we love Black Friday!

It is the time of season we can offer our customers unbeatable prices on patio furniture, fire tables, and backyard accessories like we never have before. So don’t fret, All Backyard Fun has your patio covered this year with amazing doorbuster deals you won’t find anywhere else!

Shop our Black Friday Specials now!

Ready For Spring

5 Ways to Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring Outdoor Living

Alas! Springtime is finally here, and that means it’s time to get your backyard and patio ready for late night cocktail gatherings, soaking up the sun in your lounger, and BBQ’s with the family. Here’s how you can start to get ready to have some fun in the sun!

  1. Survey Any Damage That May Have Occurred During the Winter.
    Is there any molding on your deck? Cracks in the concrete? Does your deck need to be resealed? If so, now’s the time!
  2. Give Those Bushes a Haircut!
    Trim and cut any out of control garden bed. Trimming will help keep trees and shrubs nice and compact. If you want to add a tropical vibe this spring, add some bamboo to your backyard.
  3. Add An Outdoor Heating Source
    It still remains pretty chilly when the sun goes down, so in order to remain an all-year round outdoor entertainer provide heat for your guests such as an outdoor fire pit.
  4. Give the BBQ A Power Clean
    It’s about that time to throw some shrimp on the barby! Start the barbeque season off right, with a clean shiny grill.
  5. Plan For Your Outdoor Furniture Space
    It might be time to replace your outdoor furniture. Maybe yours is worn out or maybe you’re looking for a fresh look this spring. Either way, take a look at the dimensions and plan for your new patio set!

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Recycle Christmas Tree

5 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

It’s the sad time of year again where using the holidays as an excuse to exempt yourself from reality has expired.  It’s time to answer the email from Janice in accounting, and get back on track with real life. The beautiful Christmas tree in the corner of your family room that majestically transformed your entire house in to a winter wanderlust? Yeah, that has to go. Sad face. So what do you do with the tree you and your family decorated so elegantly? Here’s some ideas!

  1. Rinse, Re-use, Recycle! – Plant that guy right back where he came from. Of course it has to be a living tree with the roots still intact, but channel your inner hippie and enjoy your tree for many more years to come.
  2. Give back to Mother Nature – She has provided you with a glorious tree, now it’s your turn to give back to Mother Nature, and her animal friends. A nice way to get rid of your Christmas tree is by turning it in to a bird feeder. You can put it in the ground, or stay lazy and keep it in its stand. Get the kids involved – make a cranberry and popcorn string, toss some stale bread in and around it and… BOOM! You’ll have chickadees, cardinals, song sparrows, and many other birds of kin taking shelter in your backyard.
  3. Garden galore – Cut off the branches, and use the trunk to edge the garden you’ve been planning for so long now. Hello 2016 garden goals!
  4. Cozy on up – Feeling self-sustaining? Chop the tree up and use it as fire wood, duh!
  5. Recycle the boring way – Many communities will have tree-recycling programs. This is a nice way to give back to your community, as the program will chop the tree up and probably use the wood for parks and public spaces.

Backyard fire tables for barbecue party food

Are you fond of barbecued food? Why don’t you plan a barbecue to make the most of your Holiday time? Look out for portable and fixed backyard fire tables to prepare scrumptious cuisines that leave a lasting taste on your tongue.

Just like the traditional fireplaces, these modern fire pits can help you easily combat the chilly breeze while sitting in your patio. You can play games, dance along the tunes of music, chit chat with your loved ones and enjoy the much desired privacy with your beloved; fire tables enliven their surroundings. And to further add to the fun, you can munch on freshly roasted goodies along with your glass of wine.

You can decorate your fire table with fancy  accessories for the perfect party mood. You may even use beautiful lighting effects to make your patio look more attractive. Reds, yellows, greens, etc. you can put colored lighting strips on your plants and trees to make your garden get the right party atmosphere.

Whether you buy wooden or gas fire pits, we have a large variety available that you can choose from. So don’t wait, just use your laptop and start ordering the perfect outdoor table for your home.

The Ambiance Created By Fire Glass

A back yard can be a place of refuge and retreat, and a great way to relax outdoors in the comfort of your home. But, of course not all back yards are created equally. Many yards are a sparsely decorated swath of grass or rocks. A few trees or bushes might be present, but the easiest yards to care for do not have much more than ground cover.

However, the tradeoff between the required extra upkeep and water bills is enough is offset by the improved look and feel of the yard when it has things like plants, trees and features such as a fire pit. While trees are relatively neutral, background features (unless you happen to be a small boy who enjoys climbing such things), fire pits generally become the focal point. Fire in general has an almost hypnotic allure, and even people who are not generally fond of the outdoors or camping can be drawn into its grasp.

When creating a fire-centered focal point for the backyard, there are several options. The easiest choice is obviously a hole in the ground, possibly lined with bricks or stones to store radiant heat. This is a simple design, and will work well for those on a budget, but is not really the most practical situation for those who want the yard to have more of a sense of class.

The second option is a fire pit that is less homemade looking. Made from a metal such as anodized steel or cast iron, these pits are more like the idea of a wood-burning stove popular throughout early American history. While lacking a tall stovepipe, this type of wood-burning receptacle keeps fire contained with a wire mesh grating that encircles the entire structure. Furthermore, metal legs keep the pit elevated off the ground, so that grass or other ground cover is not damaged. This virtually eliminates any messy ash, although smoke can still be a problem.

While a portable wood-burning stove is handy, most people tend to use the fire pit in the same area o the yard each time, making the portability a mostly superfluous feature. A third option for fire pits is a gas powered, permanent structure, or a gas powered fire table. While this might sound off-putting at first, to those who value the nostalgic ambiance of a wood fire, gas fires can be made quite attractive. Fire glass, which resembles small, rough-cut marbles, sits in a bowl above a gas burner. The gas must first bubble up between the rocks before it can ignite, since the rocks largely smother any flame below the surface. As the gas bubbles up out of the glass, it catches fire, creating the illusion that the bowl of glass is on fire. While it is a quite different effect of a wood burning fire, the flicker and changing shapes of the flame as it boils out of the glass create the hypnotic effect of “real” fire.

Fire Pit Table Glass; Options and Styles

A fire pit or fire pit table is a great addition to your backyard and there are many options for accessories that go well with your new purchase. There are many important elements to think about when making decisions on accessories and sometimes it can be very confusing. For example, many people are not sure about the fire glass inside the fire pit table.


Fire pit table glass can come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. The amount of crystal or rock that you are going to want to purchase depends greatly on the size and shape of the fire pit table that you have purchased. For example, most bags come in 1 pound up to 65 pounds of crystal and can vary in cost from $10 to upwards of $500. The color of the stone also can affect the pricing of the material and should be considered carefully as well.


When choosing accessories for your fire pit, it is a good idea to take a look online to see what other people are choosing for their fire pit tables. Sometimes there are online galleries that will inspire you to do a different or similar look and feel for your table. For example, choosing a smaller stone for a larger table may take a lot more material than if you were to choose a larger size stone, but it also may look more modern and simple. As always, be sure to shop around and do your research to ensure that you are making the best decision for the newest addition to your outdoor space.

Design A Table With Our Unique Sculpted Flame Choices

If you have not already checked out our custom fire table viewer, we invite you to explore this awesome feature on our website right now! We are one of the only online fire table retailers that offers our customers customization options.

When you check out our customization tool, you will get to see all of the cool sculpted flame patterns and table top selections that we offer. You will also get to select your table shape and base color. On top of this, the customization feature allows you to select a mixture of fire glass colors. Then, you get to see a “mock up” digital version of what your fire table will look like–and you can always go back and edit your options!

All Backyard Fun has a number of beautiful granite and stone table top finishes for you to choose from. Our table top selections range in color from light to dark so you can find a finish that will fit in perfectly with your other patio decor.

Along with this, you will find that we have a number of unique and gorgeous sculpted flame patterns. For example, our Yin Yang and Martini glass sculpted tables are two very popular choices. Within the customization viewer you can also watch a video of some of our burner patterns, so you can see our fire tables in action before making a selection.

Now go and design a fire table as unique as you! Also, check out our video gallery. There you will find a great instructional video on how to setup our fire tables and much more. And, of course, feel free to check out our stellar selection of fire pits and other accessories.

As always, thank you for visiting our website! We take great pride in providing the best propane fire pits, fire tables, backyard furniture, and other patio accessories on the market.

Fire Pits & Tables Are “Better Looking” Than Other Patio Heaters

There are a number of reasons why fire pits and fire tables have become incredibly popular. One of the biggest reasons is that they offer much more versatility in the looks department than other patio heaters.

Fire Patterns

You have probably seen fire tables with interesting flame patterns at your favorite outdoor bars and upscale restaurants. Today, homeowners can have fire tables with unique flame patterns right in their own backyards. All Backyard Fun offers many wonderful choices. Let your personality shine with your flame pattern choice. For instance, do your friends always love your cocktails? Then our martini glass fire table may be just right for you!

These sculpted fire pieces are total eye catchers and we have several gorgeous flame pattern designs for you to choose from. Plus, you can further customize our fire tables by choosing from a number of beautiful stone and granite table tops. Your fire table will truly reflect your personality and it will add a bold, instantly alluring focal point to your patio area.

Color Diversity

Using fire glass is another great way to add a custom look to fire tables or propane fire pits. You can choose among your favorite colors to add that final personal touch. The glass comes in many shapes and colors, and can last a lifetime if treated properly.

Of course, when it comes to looks, fire glass offers so much more diversity than plain old fire logs. Plus, it has an interesting, modern look that you just can’t get with other patio heaters. Along with this, the inherent luster and reflectiveness of glass is heightened when it is engulfed in flames.

So, if you are in the market for a great backyard patio heater, look no further. See why so many homeowners have chosen outdoor fire pits and fire tables over other options.