Keeping a backyard looking nice is a matter of maintaining each of the elements there. From pools to grass, from patios to fencing, each aspect of a backyard contributes to the overall feel. The size of a yard makes a huge difference to the style of decoration and landscaping. In a large yard, the emphasis is usually on filling space, and making maintenance as efficient as possible. While grass is often used in a large yard, a type with low maintenance and water needs is ideal. Small yards are all about maximizing apparent space. Instead of one large grass area, a small yard might break the area into a few pieces, to create the illusion of a larger area.

The climate of an area also dictates the style a yard. This becomes more true the larger the yard. In a hot, arid climate, trying to raise large amounts of cool-loving plants can be impossible. And keeping sun-loving plants alive in cold, wet climates can be difficult, unless they can be moved inside in pots. It’s also a good idea to plan the layout of the yard so that trees that drop their leaves aren’t planted too close to a pool or Jacuzzi.

The pool is another important area of a backyard. Often, a swimming pool will be the focal point of an area, with a wide deck connecting to a patio. Patio furniture will often be positioned under a cover near the water’s edge.  Patio furniture is made of hard-wearing materials to endure the beating it receives from the sun and rain. Furniture near a pool also has to be durable enough to counteract the effects of chlorinated water, which can tend to bleach things.

Finally, a main fixture of a backyard may be fire of some kind. Fire tends to have an alluring effect, and can be a great focal point for any backyard. From barbeques to firepits, flames can have myriad of purposes.