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Recycle Christmas Tree

5 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

It’s the sad time of year again where using the holidays as an excuse to exempt yourself from reality has expired.  It’s time to answer the email from Janice in accounting, and get back on track with real life. The beautiful Christmas tree in the corner of your family room that majestically transformed your entire house in to a winter wanderlust? Yeah, that has to go. Sad face. So what do you do with the tree you and your family decorated so elegantly? Here’s some ideas!

  1. Rinse, Re-use, Recycle! – Plant that guy right back where he came from. Of course it has to be a living tree with the roots still intact, but channel your inner hippie and enjoy your tree for many more years to come.
  2. Give back to Mother Nature – She has provided you with a glorious tree, now it’s your turn to give back to Mother Nature, and her animal friends. A nice way to get rid of your Christmas tree is by turning it in to a bird feeder. You can put it in the ground, or stay lazy and keep it in its stand. Get the kids involved – make a cranberry and popcorn string, toss some stale bread in and around it and… BOOM! You’ll have chickadees, cardinals, song sparrows, and many other birds of kin taking shelter in your backyard.
  3. Garden galore – Cut off the branches, and use the trunk to edge the garden you’ve been planning for so long now. Hello 2016 garden goals!
  4. Cozy on up – Feeling self-sustaining? Chop the tree up and use it as fire wood, duh!
  5. Recycle the boring way – Many communities will have tree-recycling programs. This is a nice way to give back to your community, as the program will chop the tree up and probably use the wood for parks and public spaces.

The Novelty and Authenticity of Outdoor Rugs

There are many outdoor rugs with great style and designs on them. But not a lot of them are made with true artistic form and hard work. These kinds are rather hard to come by. But if you are looking for one, you can find them at AllBackyardFun, an online retailer dedicated to providing the best quality of backyard furniture and items to make your backyard beautiful.

AllBackyardFun’s outdoor rugs offer a unique look. These rugs are recycled from soda bottles by talented Thai artists. So, if you are a big environmental supporter and believe in recycling program, outdoor rugs from AllBackyardFun will make you feel fulfilled and empowered in your cause. Buying recycled outdoor rugs also means supporting the hard work of such talented artists. Using these beautiful outdoor rugs reflects your appreciation for their work.

And it is not like you will not get pampered by the beauty and comfort that these outdoor rugs provide. Even though they are recycled products, you will absolutely enjoy its presence in your home with its smooth texture that feels like a woven grass. The comfort you get out of these items will make your feet want to play with it over and over again.

Outdoor rugs from AllBackyardFun are designed for long lasting use. These items originated from recycled spent soda bottles where they built their endurance to withstand through time.  You can expect to only make a purchase of these outdoor rugs once in your life, unless you are thinking of buying another one or two.

AllBackyardFun takes pride in the novelty and authenticity of its outdoor rugs. These items are truly unique in terms of what they are made of and how they come about. When you have one as a new addition to your home, you will get the sense of pride that you would want to brag about.