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Planning Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes when planning out an outdoor space, there are too many options and not enough ground rules. When getting inspired remember to think about what may work for your space and only your space. The outdoors can have a dramatic effect on how we use the space. If your backyard is a total blank canvas and has no preset design elements, think of how you would like to use the space and what you would do most in the space. For example, if you are thinking that you will use it as a retreat like setting set up areas for reading, listening to music or simply relaxing. If you think that you may entertain, make sure to incorporate seating through the use of a traditional table and chairs or around a fire pit table. This will ensure that your guest will have a comfortable spot to rest when they enjoy your yard. On the other hand, if you have children and need a play area for them as well, build a sand plot inside a planter like shape along the wall of your fencing. This will prove to be a very flexible spot for when they grow, you can focus on growing that garden you always wanted. Whichever direction your design goes, make sure to think about the use of space beforehand. This will ensure that you and your guests will enjoy your new outdoor space now and hereafter.

Oriflamme Fire Pits a Great Fit for Generation Y

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA January 2011—-The Oriflamme Fire Table will be the perfect outdoor option for the nearly 80 million young people who make up Generation Y—those who were born between 1980 and the early 2000’s.

Why and how?

According to the Wall Street Journal, January 13, 2011, the real estate analysts at the NAHB (National Home Builder’s Association) conference in Orlando, Florida clearly indicated that Gen Y is not interested in mansions or big lawns to mow. More of them will choose to live in urban areas or urban like areas in the suburbs.

They are seeking smaller spaces, dining, and amenities within walking distance, and outdoor spaces to grill or spend time with friends.

For example, Tony Weremeichik of Canin Associates, an architecture firm in Orlando, suggested “outdoor fire pits”. He said, “Consider designing outdoor spaces as if they were living rooms.”

The Oriflamme Gas Fire Pits are the answer for Generation Y.

Unique, customizable and portable fire pits are perfect for entertaining or quiet evenings on decks or patios.

Generation Y will discover the beauty and ambiance of designed fire that truly fits their preferred lifestyle with the Oriflamme Fire Pit Table.

The Oriflamme Fire Pit Table
“uniquely designed fire for an exceptional outdoor experience”