Fire Table

A Fire Table is Easy to Set Up

Many people have traditional fireplaces in their homes which they never use, either because they do not have sufficient ventilation for smoke to disperse quickly or because they are too lazy to buy or gather and chop wood. A fire table is a great alternative to an old-fashioned fireplace however, as it combines design elegance with a heating device which sends heat out in 360 degrees. A fire table is easy to set up and does not present the fire hazard of jumping embers.

Fire Table Units are great for Entertaining

If you have a sizeable patio or deck area where you entertain, a fire table can make a great addition, increasing the comfort of your patio area. Even in the cold months, you can sit around your fire table and keep warm. Fire table accessories such as an ice bucket insert make fire tables equally useful in the heat of daytime in the summer, so that your fire table does not go to waste during this time.