Design A Table With Our Unique Sculpted Flame Choices

If you have not already checked out our custom fire table viewer, we invite you to explore this awesome feature on our website right now! We are one of the only online fire table retailers that offers our customers customization options.

When you check out our customization tool, you will get to see all of the cool sculpted flame patterns and table top selections that we offer. You will also get to select your table shape and base color. On top of this, the customization feature allows you to select a mixture of fire glass colors. Then, you get to see a “mock up” digital version of what your fire table will look like–and you can always go back and edit your options!

All Backyard Fun has a number of beautiful granite and stone table top finishes for you to choose from. Our table top selections range in color from light to dark so you can find a finish that will fit in perfectly with your other patio decor.

Along with this, you will find that we have a number of unique and gorgeous sculpted flame patterns. For example, our Yin Yang and Martini glass sculpted tables are two very popular choices. Within the customization viewer you can also watch a video of some of our burner patterns, so you can see our fire tables in action before making a selection.

Now go and design a fire table as unique as you! Also, check out our video gallery. There you will find a great instructional video on how to setup our fire tables and much more. And, of course, feel free to check out our stellar selection of fire pits and other accessories.

As always, thank you for visiting our website! We take great pride in providing the best propane fire pits, fire tables, backyard furniture, and other patio accessories on the market.