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Flower Power with this special designed flower burner for your Oriflamme Fire Table.

Tips for Buying an Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Founded more than a decade ago, All Backyard Fun was one of the first online casual furniture stores selling fire pit tables, drop in burners and fire glass long before they became a household name.

Today, with many options to buy an elegant fire table or build your own fire pit, the shopping experience can be overwhelming at times. And many of the customers we work with may not consider what they will like or don’t like until after they received the product.

Our mission is to help you decide on a fire table that you and your family will love for years to come. Here’s a few tips we suggest when considering your first (or next) fire pit:


  1. BTU Output: The British Thermal Unit or BTU is what measures how much heat your fuel source can put out. Some of our fire tables put out up to 90,000 BTU’s whereas our Crossfire brass burners can put out in excess of 450,000 BTU’s. YoungLife_Golf_gave_away_a_gas_fire_table
  2.  Fuel Source: Wood, Propane or Natural Gas? All of the fire tables we offer have the capacity to work with standard 20# propane gas tanks or you can run your own natural gas line.  For those considering a wood burning fire pit, it’s important to know that wood produces embers and in many cities where they have hazards and danger of wildfires, these type of open flame options are not permitted because you cannot control the flame size like you can with your fire table. Also, wood burning pits produce soot and the smell gets into your clothing and the smoke is not good for children or people with upper respiratory infections.NaturalHammeredCopperFireTable
  3.  Building Material: If you are building your own fire pit stone and brick are the most common finishing material. However, it is important to note what is in your surrounding – materials and colors. Stone and brick are low maintenance and made to be outdoors. For pre-made fire tables, we offer other options such as granite fire tables, hammered copper and cast aluminum depending on what type of look you are seeking.gasfiretablesvanahstone-copy
  4. Fire Media: The “fire media” is the term given to the special material such as lava rock, eco glass beads, tumbled fire glass or faux wood burning logs that you use to fill the burner of your fire table. The fire media helps to further define the look you are going for such as rustic or contemporary.Oriflamme Blue Pearl Fire Table
  5. Height: The height of your table largely depends on application. Standard coffee table height is about 21 ¾” which makes it conducive to having friendly conversation while seating and eating. This is also an ideal height if you just want to sit around your pit in some low seating chairs such as the classic Adirondacks.  You can choose or build a higher pit but take into consideration your fuel source type; ease of maintenance; if it is suitable for conversation to others standing on the other side of the fire pit; and if the heat output will be sufficient.OriflammeTablewithMarshmallows6. Location: Where will you put your fire pit? Depending on your fuel source, it may be a permanent fixture. All of our tables we offer at All Backyard Fun have the capacity to use propane and be converted to natural gas later. This is an important consideration if you are still in the process of redesigning your outdoor living space. However, not all fire tables in the market offer this capacity.Terrace Curved Sectional
Why We Love Black Friday

Why We Love Black Friday

At All Backyard Fun we are counting down to outdoor patio furniture specials from all our favorite collections including Northcape International, Polywood, Oriflamme and Desert Steel outdoor accessories among others!

Dating back to the early 1930’s, Black Friday was the name given to the first major shopping day for Christmas (which falls the Friday after Thanksgiving). This is the shopping day of the year where most businesses earn their first positive revenues or go from the red to the ‘black’ in their accounting.

Thus it is a popular ritual now where retail stores and online e-tailers are known to offer their most aggressive discounts and sales of the year. ‘Tis the season of buy one get one’s, half off’s, free give-aways, and doorbuster deals.


The savviest shoppers have been researching and planning what they’re going to buy and who they’re going to buy it from. It’s no secret e-commerce has driven retailers to compete with one another to offer consumers ridiculously great sales during the holidays.

Nowadays, .com retailers fight to get their sale out first. For example, Black Friday no longer starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving, instead it starts the Friday before Thanksgiving. So, if you’re an online retailer you better have your sales ready to go, or you’ll be scratching your head when you don’t meet your holiday sales goals.


We love Black Friday because offering aggressive deals also helps to minimize our store inventory. This in turn helps us lower our overhead and the inventory we will have to do at the end of the year! So for specialty furniture stores like All Backyard Fun this time of season is our ‘slow season’ and the sales offers allows our customers to pick up some of their favorite patio sets and outdoor furniture pits at a great deal. And we are able to make space for everything that will be offered for the spring of the next buying season.

For obvious reasons, sales have slowed compared to in-season sales. Depending on location, most people in the country aren’t buying or even thinking about outdoor furniture during the winter.

Regardless of the time of year, All Backyard Fun is a  small family owned business and always working to offer the best products at the best prices that we believe your whole family will enjoy. That’s why we love Black Friday!

It is the time of season we can offer our customers unbeatable prices on patio furniture, fire tables, and backyard accessories like we never have before. So don’t fret, All Backyard Fun has your patio covered this year with amazing doorbuster deals you won’t find anywhere else!

Shop our Black Friday Specials now!

Style and Elegance for Small Spaces


Do you live in a small townhome or condo with limited outdoor space? Still want to glam up your outdoor space with the elegance of a fire table? Small places are now big problem with the 38” Round Savannah Stone Fire Table. This new table from Designing Fire is the perfect solution to a small space. Available in both the round style with a 38” Diameter and in a 35” Square, it is easy to transform your patio into a warm, enjoyable space to enjoy for years to come.  Visit All Backyard Fun for more inspiring ideas for your patio.


Fire Pit Table Accessories

Oriflamme fire tables are unique products which are both beautiful and functional. They are fantastic patio heaters and they offer a stunning design element to patios. These tables like being the center of attention, and often they become the focal point of back patios.

Our fire tables can come with a number of additional accessories. Just a few of these great accessories are listed below.

Ice Bucket

Our ice bucket insert is a unique feature that customers love. You can easily remove the burner from the table top and drop in the insert. Then you will instantly have a stylish patio ice bucket where you can keep drinks on a hot day. This multifunctional accessory is beneficial to customers who live in regions with higher temperatures.

Fire Glass

This accessory can be used with our propane fire pits and our fire tables. Fire glass is a beautiful, safe, and Eco-friendly alternative to real wood. We have an ultra large selection of fire glass in all colors.

Fire Table Lids

All of our fire tables include a protective lid for the burner. The protective lid will safeguard your burner and fire glass from the elements.

Storage Cover

For added protection, you can purchase one of our high-quality storage covers. This will protect your entire unit. The covers are composed of durable, weatherproof material that will keep your patio heating accessories safe from harm.

When it comes to fire pits and fire tables, All Backyard Fun offers some of the best products out there. We are a one stop shop for all kinds of patio heating and backyard accessories, and we pride ourselves in having a number of unique products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Outdoor Gas Firepit

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Firepit Table

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