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Style and Elegance for Small Spaces


Do you live in a small townhome or condo with limited outdoor space? Still want to glam up your outdoor space with the elegance of a fire table? Small places are now big problem with the 38” Round Savannah Stone Fire Table. This new table from Designing Fire is the perfect solution to a small space. Available in both the round style with a 38” Diameter and in a 35” Square, it is easy to transform your patio into a warm, enjoyable space to enjoy for years to come.  Visit All Backyard Fun for more inspiring ideas for your patio.


Loving Colorado’s Sunny Solstice Week!

Starting back to work on Monday is always difficult, especially when you have a beautiful outdoor living space to spend all weekend! Usually, I like to entertain around my hammered copper fire table , the fire table keeps you so warm even on chilly December nights!   To me, it’s never too early to think about how to improve my backyard for next year, and already I found these great wicker planter boxes . Hope your December is as warm and sunny as it is today in Colorado!

Backyard fire tables for barbecue party food

Are you fond of barbecued food? Why don’t you plan a barbecue to make the most of your Holiday time? Look out for portable and fixed backyard fire tables to prepare scrumptious cuisines that leave a lasting taste on your tongue.

Just like the traditional fireplaces, these modern fire pits can help you easily combat the chilly breeze while sitting in your patio. You can play games, dance along the tunes of music, chit chat with your loved ones and enjoy the much desired privacy with your beloved; fire tables enliven their surroundings. And to further add to the fun, you can munch on freshly roasted goodies along with your glass of wine.

You can decorate your fire table with fancy  accessories for the perfect party mood. You may even use beautiful lighting effects to make your patio look more attractive. Reds, yellows, greens, etc. you can put colored lighting strips on your plants and trees to make your garden get the right party atmosphere.

Whether you buy wooden or gas fire pits, we have a large variety available that you can choose from. So don’t wait, just use your laptop and start ordering the perfect outdoor table for your home.

Backyard Fire Tables: Not Just for Marshmallows

Backyard fire tables are a “must” if you love entertaining guests. For thousands of years, people have loved gathering around a fire. There’s something about a fire that creates warmth and intimacy and allows us to feel connected. However, you need to take some precautions when dealing with fires in your backyard — that’s why a fire pit table is the perfect solution. Fire tables keep fires safely enclosed and contained. They range in size from large fire pits that are perfect to backyard bonfires to small tables that work in a more intimate group setting. Whatever your entertaining style, there’s sure to be a fire pit that suits your needs.

Create Warm Memories with Outdoor Fire Pits

 Fire pits have come a long way since the basic metal enclosures you find at campgrounds. Today, modern fire pits come in a variety of designs that you’ll love to show off in your backyard. Fire pits beckon guests to stay longer, have another drink and catch up on old times. There’s something about sitting around an open flame that makes guests want to unwind and recall fond memories. Even simple family nights or an evening nightcap with your significant other take on a special feel when you’re sitting around a beautiful roaring fire.

 Throw a Fabulous Party: Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit adds another dimension to parties and social events and can enhance just about any backyard event. Host a late evening dinner party and invite guests to dine “al fresco” and enjoy their meal outside. Sipping wine by the fire enhances its aroma and creates a romantic atmosphere. Game nights take on a more exotic feel when cast under the flickering glow of a fire. If you want family fun, re-create the adventure of a campsite by roasting s’mores and telling ghost stories from the comfort of your backyard. There are an endless amount of fire pit ideas you can think of, just by brainstorming for a few minutes.

How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit

Finding the perfect fire pit is a matter of how you’ll most likely use it. If it’s for show, a fire bowl is a free-standing concrete decor piece that accents your backyard and adds light and dimension. Wood-burning fire pits come in a variety of sizes and can be used on your patio or in the yard. Wood-burning fire pits are less expensive, but they do require you to start a kindling fire. For those who don’t want to fuss with wood, lighters and accelerants, a gas-powered flame fire table is the perfect solution. These fire pits and tables turn on and off with the flick of a switch and create the perfect fire every time.

To find your perfect fire pit, fire bowl, or fire table, take a look at what All Backyard Fun has to offer. All Backyard Fun brings you the best in backyard fire pits, patio furniture, and accessories at discount prices. Visit our backyard fire tables selection today to view backyard fire tables and much more to make your backyard the new favorite spot in your home.






Wood Burning Ban Doesn’t Stop Backyard Fun

If you live in an area that prohibits burning wood, gathering around a backyard fire may seem like a thing of the past. But with Oriflamme fire tables, you can revive the fun of relaxing by the fire with friends and family. An Oriflamme fire pit table uses clean burning propane fuel to create a flame, not wood. Fire tables are not included in the burning ban, and you can continue to enjoy your backyard living space year-round without fear of contributing to rising pollution or poor air quality indexes.

Denver, Colorado is one community with burning ban regulations in place during November through March due to high pollution season peaks. A Residential Burning Advisory is issued on days when air quality is poor, and resident are also asked to limit driving on Action Days, as well. Colorado Air Quality Regulations prohibit burning wood during peak advisory days, limiting outdoor activities for many residents.

U.S. areas that have instituted wood burning bans include:

  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Bernalillo County near Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Lagrande, Oregon
  • Puget Sound, Washington
  • San Joaquin County, California
  • Santa Clarita County and Palo Alto, California
  • Yolo-Solana AQMD
  • Denver, Colorado

States that have wood burning restrictions in place include Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Vermont. For more details on burning bans, visit: The EPA’s Website.

Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables Spell F-U-N in Burning Ban Areas

With an Oriflamme fire pit table, you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of an outdoor flame even when wood burning is restricted in your area. A fire table brings the excitement back to your evenings at home and is a great conversation piece. You can design your own Oriflamme fire pit table or purchase a standard design from our collection.

Fire glass comes in a variety of colors and can be used to create a unique design for your outdoor fire table. Urban fire glass is used with a gas fire pit table to serve as a focal point for the source of the flame. Each Oriflamme gas fire table has an optional protective cover, a self-contained propane tank, and your choice of decorative urban fire glass colors. You can purchase an ice bucket insert and additional propane tanks directly from our Website. Fire pit tables come in a variety of shapes, designs, colors, and styles to suit any decorating preference. Choose from a square or circular table top, select your stone or granite color, your base color, burner pattern, and your fire glass color(s). You can even choose between a propane or natural gas fire table. Your backyard fire table is eco-friendly and will quickly become the gathering place your guests return to again and again.


What Do Fire Tables Run On?

What fuel do fire tables use?

One common question that we often get when a customer first comes across a gas fire table or fire pit is, “what do fire tables run on?” It’s a great question to ask and there are a couple of different answers that we will break down the differences between.

The first, a perhaps most common, fire table fuel sources is propane. Also known as liquid propane (LP for short), propane is a refined fuel that is fairly common across most of North America. It’s popular as a fuel for gas grills, patio heaters and even pools in some areas. One advantage of having a propane fueled fire table is that it makes the fire table moveable around your deck or even to other locations. Some customers even enjoy taking their fire tables tailgating at a sporting event!

Natural Gas
The other very common fuel source for fire pit tables is natural gas. Natural gas is common in many areas of North America, and it’s becoming more popular for fixed-features like gas fire pits, pools, and outdoor kitchen ranges. It’s a great option for those who are certain of the spot they want their fire table and would rather hook it up to a fuel line to avoid refilling tanks.

With either option, fire tables are becoming very popular in backyards everywhere. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, look for a fire table that is easily convertible to both fuel sources. One great example is the Oriflamme Fire Table, which offers a natural gas converter for a minimal cost and it’s easy to set up. Make sure to weigh the costs of either refilling propane tanks or running the natural gas line to the fire table location too. Whichever option you choose, you’ll be sure that it will help create a great backyard atmosphere when paired with a fire table!

Which fuel source do you use? Do you use one exclusively or does it vary based on what it’s fueling? Let us know!

All Backyard Fun will be featured on the Vanilla Ice Project!

All Backyard Fun will be featured on the Vanilla Ice Project!

Don’t miss the hottest fire table on the market on the coolest home renovation show on television! All Backyard Fun has partnered with the Vanilla Ice Project to showcase the Oriflamme Fire Table on an upcoming episode on the DIY Network February 10th at 10:00 PM (EST). Here’s what you need to know about the show..

Vanilla Ice (Rob Van Winkle)
Best known for his ‘90s hit “Ice, Ice Baby”, musician Vanilla Ice has another passion: renovating homes. With over 15 years of direct experience, the DIY Network host has transformed a 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach home into a beautiful oasis along with numerous other projects. Now this season, he’s taking it to the next level with a home that will showcase the latest technology and coolest home renovations, including an Oriflamme Fire Table from All Backyard Fun!

The Oriflamme Fire Table
The Oriflamme Fire Table by Designing Fire is the “premier fire table” on the market. Each table features a patented burner design that produces 65,000 BTUs of heat from a 22” burner. With a sleek, classy granite table top and outdoor quality powder-coated base, the Oriflamme also comes with a great warranty. The Oriflamme Fire Table featured on this episode of the Vanilla Ice Project is the 42” Tropical Elegance Fire Pit Table.

Check out the the Vanilla Ice project episode schedule here, and make sure to check out the show on the DIY Network (especially the Picking Up the Pool episode!). Here’s the link to the show’s website:

Here’s a promo video for this upcoming season with Vanilla Ice:

Don’t miss out!

Natural Gas Fire Pit Tables

Gas fire tables are already a massive improvement in convenience compared to their wood-burning fire pit relatives, but did you know that you can convert an Oriflamme Gas Fire Table to natural gas? Natural gas has gained popularity in recent years due to the convenience and growing-availability of it. Grills, pools, hot tubs, spas and fireplaces can all be heated with natural gas, and now so can your favorite fire table. With a simple conversion piece, the Oriflamme is one of the easiest conversions to natural gas on the market.

Want to see how easy  it really is? Watch this video to see!

We here at All Backyard Fun always recommend using a local gas professional to install and hook up your natural gas fire pit table. A professional will have the knowledge and expertise to help you hook up you fire table to natural gas.

Decorating My Wedding with Gas Fire Pits

When my fiance and I began to plan our wedding this Spring, I began to understand why little girls start dreaming up their weddings before elementary school; because of the massive amount of detail to the event. While I’m letting her handle all the finer points (like the difference between deep purple and plum color bridesmaid dresses) I have started to think of the other things people remember about weddings. Usually it’s not the color of the candles around the room or the table cloths, but things like the stories shared about the couple after the reception over a glass of wine. Since this is what I remember from weddings, I looked for something that could bring people together outside on the September night of our wedding.

I love being outside on a warm fall night with my fiancé, and that’s one of the reasons we picked a September date for our wedding. Having the reception at a place we could go outside was important to us, so we picked classic style club house overlooking the course. One thing I’m looking forward to having on the deck of the clubhouse is a gas fire table. The more I’ve looked into these particular fire tables, the more I’ve wanted one at our wedding reception. It looks classy but is a fun and interesting centerpiece for guests to mingle around after dinner. One idea we had for the fire pit is to set up some comfy chairs to sit around it in and then have a bag of marshmallows for the kids  (or adults!) to roast over the flame.

Since we have 3 different colors for our wedding, we could mix in those colors into the fire glass on the table to add a personal touch for the evening. Another fun idea to do with the fire glass would be to spell out the date or our names in glass in the gas burner. One  would be great to sit around with guests on a beautiful fall night. Since the deck on the clubhouse is larger, we could have a couple of different fire pits on the deck so more people could migrate outside. Since the fire pit would run on gas, no one will leave smelling like smoke or get dirty in the ashes. Anyone who has set up decorations at a wedding knows it could be a nightmare if it’s too complicated, but a fire table is so simple to set up  we won’t waste any time while we decorate.

I would love to look back on our wedding and see photos of people mingling, laughing and relaxing on a beautiful fall night. My fiancé and I both hope to have a classic wedding that people we will remember for a long time, and will have had a full night of enjoyment. Gas fire pits would be an awesome addition to a wedding reception, something people will remember sitting around for years to come!