Can I build my own gas fire pit?

Can I build my own gas fire pit?

Many homeowners love to customize their homes. Whether it’s indoor or outside, people love to feel like their houses are more than just a building someone else designed. So, whether you start from scratch or you inherit your design from the previous owner, decorating your backyard is a key part of creating a “home” feel. One great way to do that is to build a gas fire pit. Here’s three things to consider when you want to build your own gas fire pit.

Choose your “style”
Along with the growth of information sharing over the Internet, ideas of different fire pits travel further. Adding to this craze of pictures and blogs are sites like, which is the home designer’s dream website. So take a look around at different sites and ask lots of questions in the comments to get an idea of what you like and don’t like.

Add up the costs
One “must-do” of any project is to project the cost of the whole project before you start. Breaking budget happens on far too many home projects, and gas fire pits are no different. If you’re building it yourself, make sure to factor in costs like pounds of fire glass, running a gas line to the location, hoses and valves, and labor costs. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of running the gas fire pit over time too! Your gas bill will certainly go up some, and then any maintenance on the fire pit could add up quickly. Using high quality materials will help offset some of this cost too.

Consider long-term plans
If you’re planning to or have a chance to move in the next two to three years, you may want to reconsider building a permanent fire pit. After putting in all the time, effort and thought into a permanent fire pit, moving away makes it that much harder to leave. Look for other options (like a fire table)that are portable if you think there is a chance you could move.

So should I build my own gas fire pit?
All things considered, gas fire pits are an enjoyable investment into your lifestyle and home’s value. There’s no smoke, no wood to chop or store, they are simple and if made correctly, very safe (because of the controlled fuel source). Your neighbors won’t hate you for starting a wildfire or smoking out their evening, and your kids will love roasting marshmallow in the summer. Consider these three factors and see if a gas fire pit is something you can add to your home!