3 Accessories To Accompany Fire Pits

Your furniture choices can really affect the overall feel of your patio or backyard space. When you choose the right decor you can create a space that feels incredibly warm and inviting. Fire pits are just one accessory that can quickly transform a cold, uninviting backyard into a truly welcoming area.


So what else can transform the feel of your backyard? Well, to start, you could just stand around an outdoor fire pit but having seating for you and your guests is so much more comfortable. You can choose from all types of seating, including lounge chairs to benches.

Lounge chairs just scream comfort and benches are great for cozying up with your sweetheart at the end of the day–many benches also include built in storage under the seat. You can incorporate either of these pieces with your other outdoor decor. Just add a few beautiful cushions and you and your guests can enjoy the warmth of an outdoor fire in comfort.

Ice Buckets

Outdoor fire pits often become the center focal point of backyard entertainment areas. If you love to entertain outdoors then having drinks right on hand is a great perk. Ice buckets are great accessories to have in this case. Today, many ice buckets actually come in cool styles that add an element of design to backyard spaces (just check out our awesome ice bucket insert options!). Plus, they will keep your drinks refreshing cool.

Fire Glass

Another must have accessory that adds to the allure of fire pits is fire glass. This accessory is actually a great replacement for traditional fire wood and artificial logs. It is an Eco-friendly choice that provides a great alternative to messy fire logs. It comes in a wide range of gorgeous colors which you can mix and match. For example, you can combine orange and red glass to emulate the color of glowing coals, or you can use blue and green glass to create a fascinating modern look. You can check out the fire glass section of our website to see just how many colors are available.