Fun New Trends for your Backyard in 2014

This morning I woke up to the most beautiful sound that only comes at the very first days of spring. The birds were singing along to a truly beautiful, orange and violet, sunrise that started at 5:45 AM, yes the sun is finally back and joining the party.  Spring is almost here, and if you are anything like me, you are already playing in the garden, and anxiously awaiting the endless summer days spent in your backyard retreat. Here is a fun list of way to make your backyard more than a space for the family to play and relax. This spring and summer transform your yard into a magical retreat full of imagination, discovery, and memories that will last a life time.

1.    Catch a Fire

Fire is hot, obviously, but for real, fire is really hot right now! Everyone from Vanilla Ice to Grandma Helen is bringing fire elements to their outdoor space. Fire pits are increasingly popular each year.  Fire pits, tables, and torches are easy to install, add amazing ambience to your outdoor space and also will provide warmth, allowing you and your family to use you outdoor space well past the heat of summer and into the chilly evenings of fall

  • Fire Pits
Giallo Fiorito Granite Fire Table

Giallo Fiorito Granite Fire Table

How do I decide which fire pit is appropriate for me? Well, this will really depend on your time commitment to the fire pit. Building your own fire pit can be costly, time-consuming, and has huge room for error. Unless a professional is overseeing the entire process, it is easy to miss a step, causing a fire disaster, the opposite of ambience.  Another thing to consider is maintenance. Are you willing to clean soot, ash, and burnt particles after each use? If no, then you should consider a propane or natural gas fueled fire pit. Not only will these burn cleaner, they will not create smoke, or embers which are dangerous and can cause wildfires.

There is an easy solution to fire pit nightmares with the Oriflamme Fire Pit Tables. Everything is included with this simple, yet elegance fire table. The propane fueled fire table comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 40” to 48”, and shapes, square, round, and octagon.  The table will come with a propane tank, fire glass, a unique double pan burner, and a base that keeps the table at 19” high – perfect coffee table height, or cocktail, which ever you prefer.

  • Tiki Torches

A classic go to for adding elements of fire to you backyard. From simple tiki torches you can find at any home improvement store, to the artistic steel sculptures from Desert Steel. These hand-crafted steel garden sculptures double as multi-torch tikis! Collect a variety of iconic desert plants from Birds of Paradise to a 6.5 foot Saguaro Cactus. Sure to be a conversation piece at your next garden party.

Desert Steel Birds of Paradise

Desert Steel Birds of Paradise

2.    Cool Down

We can’t all live within walking distance to a Rita’s Water Ice, yes my eastern sea-board friends, I am jealous of your amazing ability to play host to most of my favorite American chains, Wawa, Five Guys, and Ritas, I digress.  Add ice to you backyard! Haven’t you seen the cool new trend? Turn your table into an ice bucket to keep you beers or wine chilled throughout the heat of summer days. Several ways to do this, for the handy ones, you can build your own table with a depressed cutout in the middle for an ice area.

Own an Oriflamme Fire Table already? Then look into this one of a kind accessory made especially for Oriflamme tables, Ice Bucket insert is easy to order, and is always a quick ship items. As always, any order over $99 has free shipping.

3.    Relaxation Station

Dedicate a place in your yard where there are no phones, no interruptions, no stress, no loud noises, just a special place for you and your thoughts. Before selecting a piece of furniture, evaluate what kind of space you need and will utilize the most. Some questions to ponder: do you need a space for one to lounge or for many people to enjoy? Would you prefer to lounge or o be in an overstuff seat that will rock, swivel, and glide? Depending on your answers will you need to look into different pieces, from sectionals designed to fit around your fire pit, to overstuffed chairs that will give you hours of comfort to get lost in your favorite summer read. Really, the furniture possibilities are endless!

So, what should you be thinking about the most with your outdoor furniture? Fabric of course! The world of outdoor fabric is beautiful, luxurious, and technologically advanced. Yes, this isn’t your grandmother’s fabric anymore! When selecting furniture, make sure the fabric is Sunbrella fabric, a strain resistant, fade resistant, fast-drying fabric that should be the common place for all outdoor furniture.

Lane Venture offers the highest quality and the most stylish looks for your patio furniture.

Lane Venture offers the highest quality and the most stylish looks for your patio furniture.

For popular trends in fabric, it is always wise to look at causal furniture industry leader, Lane Venture. Top designers always look to the team of designers at Lane Venture for current trends in fabric styles for outdoor furniture. Counting on Lane Venture’s stylish and sophistication furniture is always a sure thing. So, what’s big for summer 2014? Spa colors! Bring home the tranquility of the spa with soft teal, lavender, and accents of beige. No other color combination will be as relaxing and tranquil as this classic spa color scheme.

Comfort, tranquility, relaxation, the recipe for a mind-easy summer.

4.    Life Sized Games

Spray paint a Twister game in your yard.

Spray paint a Twister game in your yard.



Don’t we all remember the classic scene of Tom Hanks in Big playing the life sized piano at FAO Schwarz? Still one of my favorites! Why not give your kids, and yourself, the pleasure of being a BIG as you can get in your own yard? Excited and wondering how? Simple, cheap, and so easy, the kids can even take this on as their own summer project!

Spray paint a twister board onto the lawn! No more slip on a twisted mat, not the whole family can easily play this game, add more rows of colored dots to allow for even bigger groups to play. Get the whole family involved this summer, and you will have the best reunion that everyone will remember forever!

Want to play a more tradition, mindful game? Make your own giant scrabble board for outside! Start with 1”x1” pavers, lay down a square of the tiles 16 x 16. Make up your own rules and placements for double word points and so on. By making your own scrabble board you can really personalize it to math your family’s personality. This is another fun project that can keep you and the kids busy during the first few days of summer break, and once completed you have hours of playtime ahead of you. Bonus: scrabble is a great way for kids for practice spelling and vocabulary skills all winter ling!

Make your own outdoor scrabble board for the whole family to enjoy. (Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal)

Make your own outdoor scrabble board for the whole family to enjoy. (Ken Love/Akron Beacon Journal)

5.    It’s a Jungle out there!

Do you have a green thumb to be envied by all? Well, if so, you are a lucky soul! For the rest of the world, challenge yourself this summer! Y personal challenge? I am going to become a backyard farmer! I am planning to build my own raised veggie gardens, begin my plants from seeds, and then reap the benefits come harvest season.

Raised garden beds are an easy day project that requires little to no construction knowledge. Take it from me, I was able to easily pump out three of these 4’x8’ beds in a 12-hour period.  Use redwood or cedar because both are beautiful and rot-resistant. Also, you’ll need a table or power saw to cut the wood. An electric drill is helpful, but not required

Looking for more a splash of color and fresh fragrant flowers from May until early September? Wildflower seeds packs are fun, and easy for the whole family to get involved in gardening. When I was a child, my mother would always buy my sister and I our own pack of wildflower seed to plant to places of our choosing. A wonderful memory that I have long cherished, and it is guaranteed that your little ones will love this project too!

Giant Allium's make your yard turn into Dr. Seuss land!

Giant Allium’s make your yard turn into Dr. Seuss land!

The little guys too little to join the garden force? Try plating a few giant Allium flowers. These early summer bloomers grown to the height of 4 to 6 feet, creating an imaginative land for you toddlers to play in.


The above ideas are just the beginning. It’s your outdoor space, go out there and make it your dream place to spend lazy summer days. Creating a special place for all the family to enjoy will bring you closer together, build family bonds, and create memories of backyard parties that will last forever. Join the outdoor revolution today!



Fun Ideas for Your Backyard Makeover

Congratulations- we all made it through the holidays! Now let old man winter really settle in and start dreaming of warm summer nights. It’s time to start working on those plans to rework your outdoor space.  As a new homeowner myself, I cannot wait to begin updating and renovating my plain-Jane square backyard into the relaxing retreat I have always dreamed about. If you are like myself, you will most likely be spending as much time outdoors as possible, enjoying your outdoor area. Here is a good beginning list of renovation ideas for your backyard oasis, from the basics to a complete remodel.

1.       Create a Cozy Space

That lonely corner of the yard that is rarely used can be easily turned into a quite oasis for relaxing with your favorite book next to the fire table.  Place a few all-weather recycled plastic benches around a 19” high fire table to create a space for a large gathering. The octagon shaped fire tables are best for large groups, enough room for you and seven guest!


Or keep it intimate with a wicker loveseat, and a cozy 38” round Savanna Stone fire table. This smaller table has the same sized burn, puts of the same amount of heat, but is suited to fit into smaller spaces such as a downtown condo or loft.


Keep the fire table burning all year, regardless of local fire regulations and fire bans. Since the fire tables run off of a controlled valve propane tank, the flame is under control, does not emit ambers or smoke, and can be easily approved by most Home Owners Associations.

2.       A Space Fit for A King

Play around with elegant wicker furniture this summer. Add a touch of Queen Anne elegance with the Royal Plantation Glider Chair, bringing a piece of the British Empire home to your patio. Or for a more casual, beach keep posted and look into the new line of wicker sectionals from All Backyard Fun.  The new line of furniture is made from beautiful rattan wicker. More to be announced in early 2014.

Wicker not exactly your thing? Then rule your outdoor space form the comfort of a stately Jefferson Woven Back Rocking Chair. Made from recycled plastic, these amazingly durable, all-weather chairs are perfect for any porch or patio.

3.       No Adults Allowed!

Make a special get-away form the kids! Children love to escape to their own magic land of imagination and creativity.  Design a space that is just for them with outdoor furniture that is children sized! All Backyard Fun offers several just-for –them sized picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. All made form recycled plastic, these chairs and tables come in 13 vibrant colors that will honor the request of any prince or princess.

4.       Update your dazzle!

Already own a fabulous fire table? No worry, you can still update your backyard’s look! Did you know we offer seven unique burner designs? A fan of the New Orleans Saints? Try the Fluer de Lis burner in 2014 to show your loyalty to your team? Dallas Cowboys? Well for you there is a beautiful star burner to let all your neighbors know you are a fan of the Lone-Star state. From the meditative Yin-Yang to the festive martini glass, there is a burner that will match your personality.


Still love your burner? Update the colors! It takes 12 pounds of glass to fill the elegance burner for the Oriflamme fire table, why not add a few pounds of beautiful Azuria Blue Reflective Fire Glass to make your table sparkle at your summer parties.

5.        Improve Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Double the size of your indoor space by installing large sliding doors that open up to your outdoor living space. Using a similar tile from indoors to outdoors will help keep the same design throughout the space. The sliding doors will be an easy way to open up the area for one large great room, or to shut off the outdoor party form the inside.

Make sure you create a fire pit area for your guests to keep warm next to during all the BBQs you will be having in your backyard!

 6.       An Area for Fido

Plan a special area for your special friend to romp around in. Keep him away from your prized vegetables with an entreating area complete with a an outdoor dog bed, plenty of outdoor toys, and a special dirt zone for all his digging needs.


7.       Plan a Complete Remodel

There is nothing like long winter nights to stay warm inside while drafting plans for your summer time haven. Planning each detail to the finest point will fill those dark and cold nights. Come March you can break ground, and be sipping Mia Thais’ at your 4th of July BBQ.


If it is a large area that you plan to redo be sure to write down a plan! Using old fashioned pencil, yes pencil, remember the eraser? And paper will work just fine. Starting drawing away!


Some key trends in patio remodels include a bar and seating area complete with a fire table to set the ambiance and keep you and your party guests warm. Designing around key elements such as a fire table can allow for you to run a natural gas line to the fire table’s location. The Oriflamme Fire Table is easily converted for natural gas making a fire table a permanent feature of your outdoor sanctuary.


After you have planned out the key areas and feature of the backyard, you can start designing your space. All Backyard Fun’s line of wicker sectional sofas are designed to fit around round, square, or octagon fire tables. Choose form a variety of fabric choices to complete your patio renovation.



I am thrilled to begin my backyard makeover, and I hope that all of you follow along in my adventures as a novice gardener, landscape architect, and homeowner.   But until then I will be catching snowflakes on my tongue and counting down the days until the first day of spring. Happy 2014 everyone!


Worldly and sophisticated look by Lane Venture.

Worldly and sophisticated look by Lane Venture.

Cozy up next to your fire table this summer!

Cozy up next to your fire table this summer!

Mix and match fire glass to match and style of patio furniture!

Mix and match fire glass to match and style of patio furniture!

Flower Power with this special designed flower burner for your Oriflamme Fire Table.

Flower Power with this special designed flower burner for your Oriflamme Fire Table.

Jefferson Woven Rocker for your front porch or backyard, make a statement with this classic rocker!

Jefferson Woven Rocker for your front porch or backyard, make a statement with this classic rocker!

Use this durable, recycled plastic picnic table for children's crafts. Its easy to clean and the perfect size for your kids!

Use this durable, recycled plastic picnic table for children’s crafts. Its easy to clean and the perfect size for your kids!












Time for Family this Holiday

The 9-piece Barbados wicker dining set is elegant, and large enough for any family.

The 9-piece Barbados wicker dining set is elegant, and large enough for any family.


The Barbados Wicker Square Dining 5 Piece Set is luxury, modern dining set that will last for years and match all of your outdoor patio furniture. This Ebony colored resin wicker finish is hand woven over heavy duty commercial grade, rust proof powder coated aluminum frames. Seat Cushions and Glass Top included!

The Barbados Wicker Square Dining 5 Piece Set is luxury, modern dining set that will last for years and match all of your outdoor patio furniture. 

The Barbados Wicker Square Dining 5 Piece Set is luxury, modern dining set that will last for years and match all of your outdoor patio furniture. This Ebony colored resin wicker finish is hand woven over heavy duty commercial grade, rust proof powder coated aluminum frames. Seat Cushions and Glass Top included!

The holiday season is here- it’s the Friday before the madness starts and if you are like me then you are already in holiday mode. Even the drive to work had little to no traffic, and my email was clogged with automatic vacation responses! It’s time to wrap up you holiday shopping, dust off that light up Christmas tree sweater, and ring in the season with cheer!

Looking over the list you realize that you forgot the perfect gift for your family- each year your present the family with a wonderful end of the year celebratory gift. The pool was the gift of years past, and now it’s time to add to your luxury outdoor living space. This year give the gift of family by providing a space for all to gather night after night in summer of 2014! Bring the fun and unique style of Barbados to your backyard retreat with the Barbados Dinning Set . This beautiful set is available in a 9 or 5 piece set, able to accommodate any size family.  The set is beautiful, rust resistant, and come with cushions in a variety of color.

Get ready for summer 2014, give the gift of time spent with your family for the warm summer months are really are not too far into the future. Happy Holiday from All Backyard Fun!

Style and Elegance for Small Spaces


Do you live in a small townhome or condo with limited outdoor space? Still want to glam up your outdoor space with the elegance of a fire table? Small places are now big problem with the 38” Round Savannah Stone Fire Table. This new table from Designing Fire is the perfect solution to a small space. Available in both the round style with a 38” Diameter and in a 35” Square, it is easy to transform your patio into a warm, enjoyable space to enjoy for years to come.  Visit All Backyard Fun for more inspiring ideas for your patio.


Loving Colorado’s Sunny Solstice Week!

Starting back to work on Monday is always difficult, especially when you have a beautiful outdoor living space to spend all weekend! Usually, I like to entertain around my hammered copper fire table , the fire table keeps you so warm even on chilly December nights!   To me, it’s never too early to think about how to improve my backyard for next year, and already I found these great wicker planter boxes . Hope your December is as warm and sunny as it is today in Colorado!

Backyard fire tables for barbecue party food

Are you fond of barbecued food? Why don’t you plan a barbecue to make the most of your Holiday time? Look out for portable and fixed backyard fire tables to prepare scrumptious cuisines that leave a lasting taste on your tongue.

Just like the traditional fireplaces, these modern fire pits can help you easily combat the chilly breeze while sitting in your patio. You can play games, dance along the tunes of music, chit chat with your loved ones and enjoy the much desired privacy with your beloved; fire tables enliven their surroundings. And to further add to the fun, you can munch on freshly roasted goodies along with your glass of wine.

You can decorate your fire table with fancy  accessories for the perfect party mood. You may even use beautiful lighting effects to make your patio look more attractive. Reds, yellows, greens, etc. you can put colored lighting strips on your plants and trees to make your garden get the right party atmosphere.

Whether you buy wooden or gas fire pits, we have a large variety available that you can choose from. So don’t wait, just use your laptop and start ordering the perfect outdoor table for your home.

Outdoor Rugs that Add Value to Your Outdoor Home

Black and Tan Garland Outdoor Rug 5 x 8Outdoor rugs are something you cannot take for granted for your home. As much as it is important to pay close attention to many of your beautiful outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs are also something valuable that need proper maintenance.

Any outdoor furniture for your backyard or patio, whether big or small, makes up the overall beautiful look of your home. Outdoor rugs are a big factor in keeping your outdoor home setting great and at its best.  Even though they are meant to be on the ground, something to be stepped on, outdoor rugs should be one of the top priorities when choosing what to add in your backyard or patio.

Outdoor rugs add sophistication and elegance in your outdoor home. They make your backyard or patio look and feel a lot more homey and welcoming to you and your guests. At All Backyard Fun store, different types and styles of outdoor rugs available in great deals and prices. The wide range of types and styles are catered to your needs and personal preference.  Most outdoor rugs at this store carry a mixture of traditional and contemporary designs along with long lasting quality of materials for you to appreciate and enjoy. When you have a beautiful backyard or patio to maintain, beautiful outdoor rugs are a must-have item to consider.

For more information on outdoor backyard furniture or to look for some of the finest and coolest outdoor and backyard furniture, check out All Backyard Fun store.


Urban Fire Glass that Brings Out the Best Fire Pit Flames

Fire pit with table outdoor furniture are at their best when they are paired with something beautiful and exquisite as urban fire glass. Urban fire glass are a group of glass that look like little gems, stones or rocks that you add into your fire pits. Urban fire glass takes the place of regular woods or paper that are regularly used to ignite the flames. Urban fire glass are a beautiful deviation from these traditional methods of producing fire from the fire pits.

Sophistication, class, beauty and elegance come with having urban fire glass for your fire pit table. You simply add them to the mix and they produce the flames that you expect to see from a fire pit table. Only this time around, urban fire glass treats you to an exquisite and mesmerizing look. You get to see the flames that float on and around the reflective and seemingly crystal urban fire glass. They are especially captivating at night, especially when the moonlight is directly shining on them.

Urban fire glass are a relatively new innovation that makes a perfect match for fire pit tables. They make fire pits a lot more elegant and beautiful than ever before. Having urban fire glass to pair with your fire pit tables will certainly catch you off guard and take your breath away. You will get to see your fire pit with table looking and working at its best with urban fire glass and flames on top of it.

For more information on outdoor backyard furniture or to look for some of the finest and coolest outdoor and backyard furniture, check out All Backyard Fun store.


Get Cozy and Warm with Fire Pit With Tables

Oriflamme Fire Pit Table Desert EleganceWith the fall season bringing an early winter season, we are going to need something that will keep us warm and comfortable. A lot of times, the cold weather feels great on our skin. Cold wind that touches our skin is a nice change and transition from the hot and scorching summer heat. However, cold weather can get pretty uncomfortable too. During these uncomfortable times, we need something that would keep us warm, comfortable and cozy, something in the form of fire pit with tables.

Fire pit with tables are outdoor furniture for your backyard or patio that you can add in your outdoor home setting to embrace the early cold weather that this year’s fall season brings. When you have something warm, cozy and heartwarming like  the fire pit with tables, you never have to worry about being uncomfortable in the midst of cold weather. Fire pit with tables have the capacity to come up with large but clean flames and produce sufficient heat to make you feel warm, comfortable and cozy.

Fire pit with tables provide flexibility around your home. You can transfer them around, whenever and wherever you want them to be. They come in high quality material, so they are made to last for a long time. This cold fall season, fire pit with tables are something that you can truly depend on as far as making you feel warm, comfortable and cozy.

For more information on outdoor backyard furniture or to look for some of the finest and coolest outdoor and backyard furniture, check out All Backyard Fun store.


Outdoor Patio Furniture that Quickly Deliver

As much as shopping for outdoor patio furniture can be quite exciting, there are also times where it can get frustrating. Outdoor patio furniture are beautiful sets of furniture that really make impressive look in your home. However, there can be times where shopping for one can be discouraging because of the great amount of waiting time involved. Since outdoor patio furniture tend to come in large sizes, people do not get to take them home with them as soon as they make the purchase. Oftentimes, outdoor patio furniture gets delivered on a separate day and time. This is the part where people tend to get frustrated. Sometimes, they end up waiting longer than what they expected because of different factors.

Oriflamme Fire Table- Sahara Stone Round Fire TableAt All Backyard Fun store, outdoor patio furniture are available with quick shipping deals that would eliminate people’s frustration and discouragement over long waiting and shipping periods. Quick shipping deals at All Backyard Fun commits to delivering your outdoor patio furniture within five to seven days. There are no false promises involved. The store is committed to delivering your outdoor patio furniture within the exact time frame, just as anyone would expect it. Outdoor patio furniture are beautiful sets of outdoor home furniture that should bring out the best in you and in your home. There should be no room for frustrations when you deal with things that are beautiful like the outdoor patio furniture.

For more information on outdoor backyard furniture or to look for some of the finest and coolest outdoor and backyard furniture, check out All Backyard Fun store.